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The Holy Trinity: TTDeye Trinity Green Colored Contact Lenses Review

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Jun 09, 2020
bright green

So, back in the days, I spent my entire childhood & teenage life listening to the Beatles and therefore always wished I had bright green eyes. However, God had other ideas and instead gifted me with a pair of eyes that are greeny-brown, which means that it’s neither green nor brown and thus a mixture of the two.

It's only when I cry, my eyes turn bright green - which is insanely lovely to have - but I cannot go around everywhere crying, can I? Absolutely not. I definitely gave this idea a fair bit of a shot when I was still a small girl, but now I'm 25 years old, and I simply cannot do such ridiculous things in my life - which means I was basically stuck with my natural eyes, until one day (to be continued).

Flashback To The Past

It was a Sunday, I believe, in the month of March this year - I was browsing Netflix - as I would typically do in the evening. I was looking for new shows to watch and then decided to see Lord Of The Rings for the fourth time in my whole career. It was only later when I noticed Legolas, whose real name is Orlando Bloom, having greyish blue eyes. I remember Orlando Bloom having dark brown eyes, so I immediately Googled and found out that he was wearing coloured contacts, of course.

And from that moment, sparked off my journey in finding the perfect green coloured contacts for myself, so that I can satisfy my need for a pair of green coloured eyes.

To be honest with you all, my eyes are not that bad, to begin with - but sometimes you just require that perfect touch of a colour palette, right?

Bingo! Found The Right One

Not flattering myself at all, but I have some mad research skills when it comes to finding the right products. I was instantly scouring through multiple blogs and social media posts, and that's when I came across this brand known as TTDEye

eye. At first, I thought it was one of those Silicon Valley start-ups, but no, it's quite an old company - with its establishment spanning back in 2011.

Moreover, their well-put-together website really made me interested in their products. The prices were reasonable, so I told myself - 'Why not take the leap of faith, this time around?'. I usually don't buy products this easily, but I really could not wait because I finally had the opportunity to turn my eyes pure green (oh, why didn't I think of coloured lenses before, silly me!).

I placed an order for the Trinity Green Colored Contact Lenses from TTDeye's website directly, and the overall cost came to $35.99. Since I had no such prescription, I had to choose 0.00 Dioptre in each of my eyes (I have a perfect vision in both of my eyes, by the way).

There were no shipping fees, however. This was a bit of a surprise considering my total cart value, but I found out that TTDeye offers free shipping worldwide. Needless to say, I was making quite some savings here. Now, with all the significant actions being done, it was time for me to wait for the lenses to arrive (pretty painful wait).

My Package Arrived At Last

So, my lenses arrived within two weeks. I was happy with the turnaround time, and it was the moment to unbox these gorgeous goodies. I have to say, and I was really impressed with the packaging. Everything was nicely packed and well put-together so that nothing gets damaged in transit. Moreover, you also get several added accessories - which I really appreciate.

Now, onto the lenses - since, I never wore a contact lens before, the process was a bit of a learning curve for me. I slowly took them off the case and thereby placed them on my eyes - one by one. What I genuinely liked about the lenses is that they were very comfortable to wear - even for someone who doesn’t wear contact lenses at all. There was neither any discomfort nor any tearing. I felt as if there was nothing on my eyes.

The lenses use a blend of olive green colour on the outer ring with a khaki green tone on the inner ring. There's a slight warm brown tone around the pupil as well. However, I was still not entirely convinced with the comfort factor and thereby decided to give these lenses a try the next day at my work.

The Next Day

I began my workday, as I usually would and wore the lenses to my workplace. This was a perfect test as I could experience what it's like wearing the lenses outdoors and also whether I can wear the same all-day. At first, I thought it was a weird decision since I was worried about what my colleagues would say - but still, I went on with the decision.

I arrived at my workplace at around 10:30 AM and started working usually. I attended my lunch session at around 2 PM and left the building at around 6 PM. I reached my home at 7 PM, after which I took off my lenses. During all this time, the lenses were always on my eyes, and they felt pretty incredible - without any itching or uncomfortable sensation. It was almost eight and a half hours that I was wearing them continuously, and I had no complaints whatsoever.

My Verdict

To simply wrap it up - my first foray into the world of coloured lenses were a huge success. The process was simply easy to perform - right from the ordering to the actual delivery of the products along with the usage. I’m not going to lie - I was a sceptic, but I have been proved wrong - which I definitely appreciate.

Therefore, if you're like me, on the quest of finding the right eye colour - you might find something that you may like from TTDeye. They have a vast collection and would not disappoint you.

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