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Tips for choosing the best shaving machine for men

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Jun 10, 2020
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During the early days of the century, men used blades or blade holders of the sorts to shave. But with the advancements in technology, shaving machines were invented. A shaving machine provides you with a clean and elegant in less effort and time. It also comes with protection on its blade to help prevent cuts. But it is necessary first to understand what to look for in an electric shaver. Because not all are suited for every person. is a professional hairdressing product provider, and we will guide you through all that is needed to know while buying yourself a shaving machine.

1- Energy consumption

Electric shavers have majorly divided into three categories:

Battery-powered: Electric shavers powered by batteries, for example, AA batteries.

Plug-in charging unit: These are the most modern types of shaving machines, and you can recharge these before every use giving you about an hour of usage.

Corded: The ones powered by the electric cords require you first to attach these to a socket.

Among these plug-in charging units, they are the most recommended ones as they are more convenient than the others. As battery-powered shaving machines are not that efficient when considering daily power consumption and the corded are more impractical as the cord might block your movements while shaving.

2- Foil or Rotary shavers

Depending upon your usage, you need to choose from these two. Foil shaving machines are better suited for those who want to shave daily and want a clean look for their faces. On the other hand, rotary shaving machines are used for trimming long hair but not cleaning them entirely. If you can identify your needs, you can buy yourself a better-suited shaving machine. And there are furthermore variations in them.

3- Waterproof

If you are one of those, who prefer shaving while taking a bath or it may be a case that you have sensitive skin and use shaving foams or gels, for these kinds of requirements, you might want to buy a Water proof models. Or if you prefer shaving without Water and gels, then you can consider buying Dry shaving machine models.

4- Ease in movement

This is a factor to consider while buying a shaving machine. Plug-in charging units and cordless shaving machines are the best when it comes to mobility and ease. Corded shaving machines hamper movement as the cord may get in the way of shaving.

5- Pricing

While the cheapest electric shavers are quite appealing, they can deceive you for quality and performance. A good quality electronic razor is worth paying for such a 'price' if it ca last for a long time. But, like any significant purchase, you should ultimately make your budget based on your requirements and try to stick to it, shavers are available at all prices.

6- Cleaning

This is the most critical issue as people with sensitive skin are prone to infections from using uncleaned razors or blades. Using those shaving machines that come with an in-built cleaning mechanism is recommended or read for the methods to clean the knife efficiently.

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