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Aquarium Heaters - Essential to the Survival of Your Fish

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Jun 13, 2020

Fish are cold-blooded, meaning the temperature of their body is the same of that of their environment. Since fish can't change their body temperature it is up to the aquarist to maintain proper aquarium temperature.

All fish are different in the temperatures that they are used to, it will depend on where they are Best Aquarium Heatersfrom. If the water temperature changes by only a few degrees this can be lethal for your fish. Keeping your fish happy requires you to know what temperatures your fish are used to. Temperate fish will probably not need a heater as they are from cooler regions of the world. Most fish are tropical though and need warmer waters to survive. These fish tanks will need a heater.

If you are looking for a heater you have a couple options. They can be categorized into three sections.

Although acrylic tanks are popular, glass aquariums are still recommended, although ultimately it is a matter of preference. Heating issues are more likely to be a problem in glass aquariums, however acrylic aquariums offer a small amount of visual distortion and can scratch easily which can make movement problematic. When keeping live aquarium plants, before you purchase anything, try to do as much research as possible into the needs of the species you would like to keep. The more you understand about the conditions they find favourable the more success you will have with them.

Providing that a good quality heater is chosen and that the optimum level of heating is maintained for the aquarium, all the inhabitants will fare well. Some hobbyists recommend keeping a backup generator for heating and lighting in the event of a power-cut, to ensure that you need never fear water conditions changing too much.

Hanging Tank Heaters - The simplest heaters are the ones that hang on the edge of your tank and are partially submerged in the water.

Submersible Heaters - Fully submersed heaters allow for more adequate heat exchange over partially submerged heaters. Places of high circulation are best for these heaters in such places as near a filtration system or pump.

Heating Cable Heaters - Heating cables are mostly used in freshwater aquariums but can be found in saltwater aquariums. The heating cable is placed under the aquariums substrate. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to replace the unit because the substrate must be dug up to replace the cable.

With live aquarium plants you can overcome all the problems of a non-planted aquarium. You can improve the quality of your aeration, filtration, food and algae control. You can improve the lives of your fish.

It is good practice to equip your tank with an extra thermometer other than the heaters thermostat to make sure that your heater isn't malfunctioning. Try to avoid thermometers made with metal or mercury. LCD strip thermometers are reliable and inexpensive. Larger tanks might need two thermometers for both ends of the tank. They will make sure that the whole tank is of equal temperature.

Keeping your tank at the best temperature is essential for your fishes survival.

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