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Laser Types For Different Cosmetic Uses

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Jun 16, 2020
hair removal

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, right. And who better to validate your beauty better than you? With that said, if you feel you would look and feel better with a straighter nose without the bump, then go ahead and get that nose job done. Getting to that part that you are fully proud of how perky your lips have gotten or any other procedure is done on you, is truly a great feeling.

Many would think that getting all these procedures use the same kind of lasers. A one-for-all laser, but they are highly mistaken. In this piece, you will get to know what is for what. So that when you go to the surgeon, you have the right questions to ask.

Hair removal

Hair removal is perhaps the most popular cosmetic surgery of all time. It isn't very pleasant for a lady to keep trimming her beard, something she shouldn't be dealing with. In such a case, laser treatment has come to the rescue. And the laser used for hair removal treatments is highly dependant on the pigmentation in both the hair and the skin of the patient. Patients with darker skin use the Nd: YAG and the diode lasers. The lighter-skinned patients get to use the IPL laser, which is more effective.

Acne and Acne Scars

The removal of acne is yet another cosmetic therapy that is gaining popularity in the world. The Manhattan laser spa midtown knows this all too well. Both genders come in for the removal of this nuisance skin condition. So for these procedures, the best lasers are the CO2 laser. This is usually used for the removal of deeper acne scars. Other kinds of lasers used are the YAG, fractional laser, and some nonablative lasers with the same success story.

Vascular lesions

Ever wondered why your skin has web-like structures underneath the skin? Well, that may be vascular lesions. These are usually broken blood vessels, mostly on the face and the legs. For these kinds of lesions, the best lasers are the IPL because of its minimally invasive nature. Other kinds are the pulsed dye, Nd-YAG, and the diode lasers, all with victory stories.

Wrinkles and fine face lines

There is a combination of skin resurfacing and skin-tightening techniques to get rid of wrinkles and fine facial lines. For this reason, the types of lasers used will differ according to how the lines appear. One set for a more aggressive approach is the ablative laser, such as the CO2 laser or the Erbium lasers. Another is the pulsed dye lasers together with a less aggressive nonlaser, such as IPL and LED photo facials.

Tatoo removal

Imagine being stuck with a tattoo you can never show in public. Well, worry not as the quality-switched laser, and the Nd-YAG can get that tattoo removed. The IPL has also been used for certain tattoos and has been a success. If it does not look right, fix it, or better yet remove it.


Cosmetic surgery has come in to save a lot of people. And so if you happen to be seeking any of the treatments above, make sure your doctor uses the right laser.

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