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How a ductless system improves your indoor air quality

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Jun 18, 2020
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The rising temperatures and alarming pollution have made indoor air quality a cause of concern. Most people spend a greater part of their day indoors, specifically in regions where work takes place inside a building. The heating and cooling systems make the indoor environment comfortable, but people forget the quality of the air they inhale. This might be surprising but the air you breathe indoors might be more impure and unsafe as compared to the outdoor air.

However, there are several (HVAC) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that help to fight the impurity in the air, and a ductless HVAC system is one of them. Ductless mini-split systems are quite similar to the central HVAC systems except for the fact that they work without any duct. Rather, the indoor unit and outdoor unit, two major components in them ensure efficient heating and cooling.

A ductless mini-split system not only saves you from the striking summers in Phoenix but also improves the quality of the air you inhale, here is how:


A ducted system delivers the air with a network of ducts that are tending to collect insect dropping, duct, and bacteria throughout. When the ductwork pushes the conditioned air, it whisks the particles, which then mix with the air that is circulated in the rooms.

On the other hand, with a ductless mini-split system, the conditioned air is cooled or heated by the unit directly, and hence, you get to inhale cleaner air. Moreover, these ducts are not even that important, so a ductless system can be installed without a lot of pre-installation tasks.


The refrigerant in ductless mini-split systems absorb the indoor air and leaves the cool air to inhale indoors and this fresh air does not hold any moisture. These HVAC systems absorb the dampness in the air, which is then turned into the liquid through the process of condensation and then disposed through the pipeline.

These systems control humidity with its inverter technology and unlike those traditional systems, they can go for longer and slower operational times. The ductless mini-split systems are capable of maintaining perfect temperature and effectively removing the humidity.


The ductless mini-split systems have the latest multi-stage filters that can catch even the tiny airborne pollutants. Impurities such as dander and pollens can provoke allergies and cause illnesses. However, these ductless systems eliminate these contaminants making the indoor air safe to breathe.

Also, the HVAC technicians have to make a small hole while installing to link the indoor and outdoor units. Due to this tiny size of the hole, there are no chances of any insect or tiniest creature to enter the home.


The air handlers of these systems can be set up to any location, even if it is a part of your ceiling or a wall. Apart from getting clean air, this flexibility of the ductless mini-split systems in Phoenix also helps to schedule placements and ensure the airflow, efficiency, and easy to clean and maintenance.

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