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Importance of Telemedicine in Dermatology and the Healthcare Industry

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Jun 21, 2020

In the past few decades, we have seen many changes and innovations that have been unfolded in healthcare. These changes and innovations have changed the traditional ways of medication and treatment, and now with advanced technology and tools, it has become easy and safe to provide proper and timely treatment and consultation.

In the field of dermatology, these changes have come as a game-changer. At first, dermatology was considered as a way of skin care treatments and was used only to treat simple skin issues. But now we can do a lot. Now with the help of lasers and surgical procedures, we can treat a wide range of issues related to hair, scalp, and nails as well.

However, innovation and advancement never end, and the best example for that is the introduction of telemedicine. So, you may think of what telemedicine is? Well, telemedicine is a solution that offers a digital platform for consultation and treatment. In other words, it is a way to communicate with the doctor using the internet and communication medium to get their advice and treatment.

This solution has come as a very significant innovation, and in the present state of pandemic, it has proven its importance and application. But what most people don't know that telemedicine has been with us for quite some time now. Teledermatology is a type of telemedicine that has been helping to provide clinical dermatology treatments to the people in need.

What We Get from Telemedicine

Telemedicine and teledermatology are very beneficial for providing healthcare consultations and treatments. Here are some benefits that we get by utilizing these solutions.

Telemedicine has reduced the cost by eliminating the in-between processes. The cost of transportation, care, admission, and other processes are eliminated by telemedicine.

It has also eliminated many hurdles that had restricted access to healthcare. Telemedicine has enabled to provide consultation and treatments to people who are at some remote place or difficult to reach.

With advanced diagnostic procedures telemedicine provide now, we don't have to go to some diagnostic center. It can easily be done using virtual tools and technology.

Problems We Can Face and How to Solve Them

Although telemedicine is a beneficial and innovative way of treatment and consultation, there are still some problems that we face as we first start to this solution. Here are some commonly faced problems and the ways you can solve them.

A general problem that we all face while using telemedicine is that we don't have much knowledge about it. The solution for this is to learn about it, which can be done easily.

Another problem that we can face is the connectivity issue. Like when we use video call, we experience the poor connectivity, voice break, and loss of connection. To solve this problem, you should use the correct telemedicine solutions.

Regarding the use of telemedicine, people also have a concern about their security and privacy. As this solution works over internet people, they have a concern about their data to be leaked. However, these solutions are very safe, secured, and reliable means of communication.


No matter what you do or where you live, you will always be going to need healthcare. This makes it important to learn about the new and innovative of getting it. So, explore telemedicine solutions and learn about it. It will surely help you.

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Hello there, I am Mayra Singh and I am a content writer from India. I like to read and write about dermatology and different treatment, conditions and technology related with it.

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