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7 Things to Know Before Getting Your Eyelash Extensions

Author: Thenail Art
by Thenail Art
Posted: Jun 21, 2020
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Everyone is obsessed with fake lashes. Now because of their magical, transformative powers, people are opting for Gel Nail Extension in Kolkata as a solution. The answer to being selfie-ready 24*7. So to help you decide whether you want to splash the cash, we’re giving you all the information you need.

1. Cost

Good quality eyelash extensions aren’t cheap. They last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. But if you want them refilled once they begin to fall out, it’ll cost you less. If you find a salon that is offering a lower price, do check the quality of the lashes and the number of singular lashes they apply to guarantee you’re pleased with the final look.

2. The Last Shape

What most people don’t know that you can request the shape of your lush curl. The two most common shapes are J curl which is more neutral and the C curl which is more dramatic. The material of your lashes will alter after the end result. You can usually choose between faux mink (least expensive), real mink, silk, and real human hair (most expensive).

3. Pre Appointment Prep

After you get your lashes inserted, you’re not supposed to wash your face or your eyes exposed to water for 24 hours. Otherwise, your lashes won’t dry properly. So show up to your appointment showered and make up free. You should also avoid your natural lashes before your appointment; the crease will make it harder for the lash artist to apply your falsies. It’s also advisable to avoid waterproof mascara a week before your appointment.

4. Process

Getting your lashes inserted takes around two hours and you have to close your eyes closed the entire time. It’s basically a nap. If you don’t fancy a nap, it’s the perfect time for meditation.

5. Risk

It’s unavoidable, with any sort of beauty related treatment. There is always a possibility that your skin reacts adversely to the product being used. With the best nail art service in kolkata, the risk is faintly higher as your eyes are extremely sensitive. So you should do your research on the salon and check reviews before booking an appointment.

6. The Upkeep

If you want to keep your eyelashes as long as possible, you need to show them some love. This means you need to brush them daily with a spoolie and don’t rub your eyes.

7. The Removal

When it comes to removing your eyelashes, you can either go to the salon to get them professionally removed or you can let them fall out naturally. One thing you should never try is pulling them out naturally as you’ll pull your real eyelashes at the same time.

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The Nail & Lash Bar is a provider of Gel Nail Extension in Kolkata for a very long time. They offer a wide variety of services including nail art at a rate that suits everyone.

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