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Gold Plating Solution

Author: Sid Kumar
by Sid Kumar
Posted: Jun 21, 2020

Gold Plating Solution is known to be an important way that involves placing a thin gold coating into the peripheral portion of other specific metal. As gold is a very costly element, only a thin coat of it is being placed.

This is adequate to coat the external deposit of an object. Normally, plating is required to coat gold to some electronic parts, decorations, as well as jewelry.

So, this process is used to cover a piece of jewelry that is made from a certain alloy or metal with certainly another metal layer.

For example, a silver or copper ring with a gold layer applied on the top would be sold as gold plated. The price of gold plated jewelry is much less than a solid piece of gold.

Important Information Regarding This

Whenever you plate the jewelry with gold, the jewelry specifically looks expensive. Although, the best part about this is the value is 4 to 5 times economical when compared to the real gold jewelry.

Application Of Gold Plating

There are many important applications of plating gold. One such application includes the coating of some electronic parts with the help of gold. This effectively helps to enhance metal conductivity.

Most commonly, plating of soft and pure gold is used in a semiconductor company. This is because this exclusive element is easily soldered and wire bonded.

Also, many of the different methods are used in the overall gold plating process like electroplating. This technique is done by placing the object in the solution commonly water.

In this regard, the object to be plated is known as a cathode whereas the giver for the plating is known as an anode.

The cathode is mainly attached to the negative part of the charge and it is the positive part in which the anode is connected. Positively charged ions move to the negatively charged metal and the anode is gradually dissolving and occurring of ionization.

Some other processes for gold plating are brush, barrel as well as electroless plating. There is also the need for electroplater for some of the processes. Before initiation of the coating process, the outer portion of the object is needed to be thoroughly cleaned.

Barrel Plating

Barrel plating is considered to be a process that is used for small electronic parts as well as materials like screws, bolts, and minute nuts. These particular pieces are mainly put within a rotating barrel.

As a result, the rotation of the barrel contributes to providing the desired agitation. Not only that, but it also ensures an equal thickness of plating.

Brush Plating

Brush plating is not known to be a commonly used plating process. It is only used for the coating of a specific area or part.

Electroless Plating

The power supply is not generally needed in the process of electroless plating i.e. to coat gold over the material. The possible needed electricity is mainly provided by chemical reactions.

Final Words

So, if you want to opt for the best gold Plating Solutions, then, NJTPL will be your best option to choose from.

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