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Ramp Up Your Business With SMS (Text) Marketing

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Jun 20, 2020

If the success of your business is contingent on customer reach, then business texting app can offer you an unlimited potential to access customers. Every industry is intensely competitive, therefore the speed and efficacy of your customer engagement will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are searching for ways to ramp up the sales of your company, you would be amazed to discover the multifarious benefits of Text Marketing. Firstly, SMS marketing has an unlimited customer reach which will enable you to disseminate your product information far and wide. If you want to increase your sales then it is imperative that you publicize your products or services to as many individuals as possible. To that end, Text marketing will be the most effective avenue for you to achieve this objective. The product or the service that you are offering should become a household name and should be embedded in the sub-conscious of every discerning customer.

Text Marketing has also been proven to score over other forms of advertising with a 15% redemption rate as compared to 3% with traditional advertising. You can keep customers updated about the latest offers and promotions with their consent of course. Customers also find it more convenient to use mobile coupons instead of paper coupons because of the convenience factor which saves them the time and hassle of going to a store. Customers also have lives as busy as yours and they would appreciate an offer which saves them valuable time and money.

Text marketing is the ideal method to keep customers updated about important dates. Insurance companies can send their customer's reminders about the renewal of their policies or automobile companies can send updates about the due dates for car servicing. Clothes stores can send updates about the discount sales in the offing and realtors can send updates about houses available for rentals or sales. The possibilities are vast and seemingly endless and the benefits have been evident to everyone which is testimony to the efficacy of this SMS Marketing.

Seasoned marketing professionals also advise on the importance of the right timing for text marketing which can be crucial to making a sale. After all, you don't want to message a customer when he driving, past his bedtime or when he might be having a siesta on a weekend. So, if you own a fast food chain and you have some promotional offers, text marketing would be effective an hour before lunchtime or in the evening when the lady of the house would be contemplating what she needs to make for dinner. So, place yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to imagine what would attract him the most to your product or service.

Text marketing involves using short messaging service (SMS) to promote a product. Typically a mobile customer will register with your company for the service and you will send any updates through SMS. It is an emerging way of promotion which, due to many reasons, works better than many other forms of advertisement such as print, mail, television, and radio, though these forms of advertisements still has the lion's share of the promotions. Still, considering that millions of users have cell phones, it is very promising. Here are ten reasons why you should use text marketing -

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