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8 tips that you can use to outsmart your friends in exams

Author: Greenwood Schools
by Greenwood Schools
Posted: Jun 27, 2020
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Everybody thinks that an hour or two of daily study is sufficient to make through high school with sufficient time. But if you want to score distinction marks with the best grades we have to lot of work and should follow some tips that can help you to score well in the board exams. We are going to break the myth of studying hard brings you a good score. We have an opinion of studying in a smart way than a hard way to attain good grades in the exams. Just study smart and score well.

How to study effectively

Now we all know the importance of smart study and we will share with you some important tips that can help you to attain a good score. Work on the below-mentioned tips and see yourself transforming into an effective student.

Have regular, yet short study periods:

Most of the people know that smart students study effectively, they do not try to complete the whole syllabus in one session. Its time to change our studying habits. To be a successful student, try to be consistent in your sessions. Study regularly, yet short study periods. Most of the CBSE schools' Warangal makes their students follow these guidelines.

Set a study schedule and stick with it:

For the students who don’t follow or make time tables and follow a schedule, it is the time to change their habit. To attain a good score in the final exam, prepare a time table, and plan out the timing that you can commit to. Create a routine and set a certain amount of time in a day for your preparation and review the progress on a weekly interval. This will helps you to succeed in your education in the long run.

Study with a goal:

Studying without a goal is like preparing for failure. Students who have a goal, study smartly. They have a goal to accomplish. The goal keeps them motivated every time when they sit to study. Set a perfect time table goal before you start your preparation to support overall academic success. You have to be clear about your goal when you are in your study session. When you want to study in the best CBSE school which makes their students prepare their goal and study smartly. You just need to search the "best CBSE schools near me" on google and find the best school in the first position of google search.

Procrastination kills effectiveness:

Many of the students pot off their study sessions and postpone due to lack of interest or because the subject is too hard to study. Don’t ever do that. Successful students never postpone or delay their planned or scheduled study sessions. It might lead to the last minute study which is the primary cause of failure.

Make and review notes before each assignment:

Make your notes up to the mark before you start your daily study sessions. To review your study you must complete your notes in the class itself. Reviewing your notes before you start studying will help you remember important points and help you cover the subject better.

Don’t let yourself get distracted:

While studying we get many distractions while studying. Tv, mobile phones and many other noises come between your studies. Once you get distracted, you lose your concentration in studies that lead to an ineffective study. Make sure that before you study, you find a nice place where you can study and make sure you not get distracted easily.

Start and complete the difficult subject first:

Difficult assignments and subjects take more time and energy than normal subjects. To study more effectively begin your study session with hard or difficult subjects. Preparing for difficult subjects can save your time and effort. You can have enough time to revise your study, while you study other subjects. CBSE schools with IIT coaching will educate you in such a way that you feel every subject easy.

Join study groups:

Combine studies are better than studying single. Group studies can help you to clear the concepts that you are struggling with. Teaching each other can help you get the concept easily.

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