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Blogging Is Amazing | Here's the reason

Author: Rupa Chaks
by Rupa Chaks
Posted: Jun 28, 2020
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Want to become a professional blogger?

I'll tell you how to do that

But before anything else, let us start with the basics. Like any other profession, blogging needs your time, your consistent efforts. This is never a money-making scheme.

There are professional bloggers making a 6-figure income. But you know the secret to them? They are passionate about their work. And that is what keeps them going. If you are just into blogging for the sake of making big money then this is not a suitable line for you.

Thus, think wisely before you step into this. When you start blogging. There are certain skills you must have.

  • Writing
  • Research Work
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Time Management
  • Email Marketing

In case, if you are already a blogger. You must already know these things and how they work. And if you are new to this field, then you have to learn these concepts before you jump to the industry of professional blogging. Join the best digital marketing course in Delhi and learn the concepts of professional blogging and kick-start your independent journey.

Do you know the sad part of the story? Most people start blogging. Leaves their blog after a month or so. The reason? Because they were not prepared. They only started for fun. They didn't have the proper skills that could help them to stand out from the crowd. So, as said first do the required course.

Want to improve your blogging skills? Keep writing and writing... That's the only thing for you to do.



Blogging might be a new term for people to share their thoughts with the world on the web. But it has been here among us for centuries. People earlier used to write in their personal diary and journals.

But now people are sharing their thoughts with the world and engaging with the world.


Already said this above as well, with blogging people are making 6-digit income. If you are passionate about writing. Then, undoubtedly blogging is an amazing source of making money.

There are various sources of making money through blogging. You can make money through Affiliate Marketing, By Monetizing the blog with Google Adsense, Selling products.


Blogging is an excellent way to make your community of people, to go famous. It gives you the desired popularity. Numerous individuals look and bloggers and aims to become as successful as them.

If done right and in the right manner blogging surely gives you immense popularity.


Yes. We all are home isolated because of the pandemic. Where there are millions of people who are losing their jobs. On the other hand, there are freelancers, digital marketers working independently, and managing their own expenses. They are not scared of losing their jobs because they have multiple income streams.

There is no time better than Now to get started with Blogging. If you are interested in writing. This is actually the best time.

About the Author

My name is Rupa Chaks. I am a content writer and social media strategist. I love writing :)

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