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Importance and method of revision before final exams

Author: Greenwood Schools
by Greenwood Schools
Posted: Jun 28, 2020

Every student goes after books when the exams are near, so comes the exam preparations and revision part. Students often fail to get good marks in the exams because of a lack of proper preparation and revision before exams. Nowadays students prepare a day before the exam, hence they don’t have the opportunity to revise and brush up the learned concepts.

After attending all the classes and submitting the assignments comes a very difficult time that is exams, which is difficult to achieve due to pressure. Here are some techniques that could be useful.

The fast you start, the better is your learning performance

Starting the preparation soon can help you in knowing the chapters and concepts beforehand so that you don’t miss the concept at the last minute. This helps you to learn the concept and understand it properly. Reading thoroughly what you have learned at school every day can help you to remember better and can decrease the burden at the exam times. The best CBSE school in Warangal make their students study regularly. While studying note down important points like derivations, formulas, equations, etc. This helps you in last-minute studies for exams.

Prepare Sources

There are many techniques that you can use to prepare well and memorize for a longer period. Some of the techniques as follows.

Timelines: Timelines are great for subjects that involve a lot of memorization. Subjects like geography, economics, history topics have important dates and numbers. For that, we need to prepare tabular formats that help us in fast learning.

Mind maps: Summarizing the topics and concepts gives us the advantage of quicker revision at the time of the exam.

Practice previous question papers

When you start the preparation for exams bring out the previous year question papers and try to work on them daily. After completing the question papers mark the questions that have repeated and try to remember to prepare them well. In the case of the essay questions try to write each essay daily on the recent topics and general topics and evaluate them to know whether you missed any points that you could have added and try to correct those mistakes. The best CBSE schools with IIT coaching give the previous year question papers to their students and help them in learning.

Other tips that help in preparation

  • Try to study with your friends and test each other’s knowledge.

  • Early morning revision on the exam day helps to fasten the memorizing power.

  • Use different types of sources like textbooks, notes, the website for information.

  • If you don’t know or understand something in the subject then don’t hesitate to take assistance from your teachers, friends, parents, etc.

  • While revision doesn’t take much time for revision. Take a break in a while and have fun or take a walk and try to keep time for yourself.

  • Be confident about what you have learned.

  • Prepare a healthy diet and follow them during your exams and don’t spend much time preparing to give some time for sleeping too.

Try to create a learning environment

Many people say that it is more productive to learn in the library than at your home. While some find it more convenient learning in a closed room. So it depends on one’s interest and preference for studying and selection of the environment for him/her to study. The sound of the songs or the tv might distract but for someone, it might help them to boost up their concentration level. So we can’t say which of the technique suit to better focus. In the residential school, they provide a good environment to prepare for final examinations.

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