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A Prodigy Born

Author: Amalia Olive
by Amalia Olive
Posted: Jun 30, 2020
truitt battin

Can we get a focus on what makes a soccer player truly remarkable in the field? I mean besides the name, fan base, and few fancy tricks to hype-up the crowd; what is it that must be deemed as a quintessential trait that is neither common nor counter-able? That which makes a soccer player truly a beast in the field? It is the unpredictability in the field that makes a player truly terrifying and elevates the status of a player.

Well, for rising star and an emerging soccer legend Truitt Battin, it is as natural as breathing. If you have had the good fortune of seeing him in action in the field, you would understand where this is all coming from. From the six fundamental skills (passing, receiving, trapping, dribbling, shooting, and precision) to call yourself a soccer player to surpassing the expectations of the opposite team, we have seen Truitt Battin displaying absolute mastery over the said skill-set and baffling opponents with relative ease.

How do you identify that a prodigy has been born? How do you recognize a prodigy in the first place? How do know where to look for one? For all we know, a prodigy can be born anywhere, going unnoticed and unrecognized, not being sought after and getting lost in the crowd of everyday folks. WRONG!!!!

A prodigy needs to be first and foremost realized by itself. A prodigy needs to know their strength and weaknesses, they need to know what is it about them that sets them apart from the rest, most importantly, a prodigy needs to showcase their skill and talent to the world to be realized and identified.

Truitt Battin is one such prodigy who was able to identify the gift he was born with. Realizing earlier in his life what this true calling was, Truitt started playing soccer. From there on, it was one success after another. This can all be testified by the fact that at the mere raw age of 11 years, young Truitt Battin was asked to sign and move to Serbia to play for Red Star Belgrade. This makes Truitt, the youngest player in history to be asked for such a contract.

We all remember one of the greatest soccer legends of all time, Ronaldhino. He came into the attention of media at the age of 13 when he scored 23 goals against a local team in a club match. Just as we said, it is common with the prodigies that from an earlier age, they are identified due to their skill and ability to excel beyond measurable limits. Such is the case with young Truitt as well, for he has played professional soccer in countries such as Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

On top of being an internationally accredited player, Truitt also holds the honor of being one of seven USA players to be playing soccer in Europe. Perhaps FIFA should open up its arms to welcome another prodigy in the making. Rather; having won 21 state awards, Truitt isn’t a prodigy in the making, but ready to perform on an international scale. We can say one thing for sure; wherever Truitt may be playing, he’ll be a fine addition to the team and lead them to victory using his magical ambidextrous feet.

We hope to see young Truitt Battin, currently age 19, playing in many international matches. We wish nothing but prosperity and success in the career of the prodigious son of the USA.

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Amalia Olive is an academic article writer since three years and she is currently working as a volunteer in school. She gives assignment help to needy students in vacations.

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