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Fostering Dentistry with Practice Management Software

Author: Harsha Madhu
by Harsha Madhu
Posted: Jul 02, 2020

Practice Management Systems (PMS) provides a dynamic solution to coordinate all organizational tasks and processes through improved workflows, added efficiencies, and a myriad of other welfare. This article will provide an in-depth examination of some of the basic benefits clinics of various sizes and specialties can expect by implementing a robust practice management system.

There are a variety of tangible and intangible benefits aligned with implementing practice management systems in clinics of all sizes. Outlined below are a few of the key benefits providers will realize by implementing practice management software.

Streamlined Workflows and Processes

The most valuable, and most widely viewed, benefit of practice management software is added efficiency; specifically, in regard to workflows and processes. In a double-quick speedy, dynamic care environment, adding efficiencies and streamlining processes has a direct impact on outcome and the clinic’s ability to achieve quality patient outcomes.

Practice management software offers a normal system for maintaining peak performance – minimizing errors and supernumerary to help staff operate smoothly and efficiently and reduce delay. The software’s evaluation and reporting capabilities also help in the early identification of anomalies for troubleshooting and proactive interventions.

Improved Practice Organization Enabling Focus on Quality Patient Care

By systematically organizing dental practices, practice management systems allow providers to concentrate on quality care rather than burdensome, administrative tasks. This privilege is achieved by assuming and automating processes such as scheduling, billing due dates, and patient tracking. As the documentation required by the Centers for PMS increases, this function will become highly important to providers.

Updated automation leading to increase in efficiency, productivity, and profitability

PM software better supports staff time by automating standard tasks. For instance, PMS is often capable of involuntary sending appointment reminders and maintaining sufficient supply inventories, which are triggered to automatically reorder when inventory is low.

Improved Billing Processes Leading to Faster Reimbursement

Practice management systems streamline payment processes and facilitate faster indemnification. PM software also enables billers with critical access to patient records and reports, which can be searched to address questions and fill in critical gaps in claims information. Such access greatly expedites the reimbursement process by reducing the "back and forth" between practices and billing entities that can often result in costly delays.

Practice software can produce and send e- bills and an e-commerce component allows providers to collect payments online. The software can even be agile in identifying claim errors that could potentially delay payment so that proactive measures can be taken.

Enhanced Documentation and Fewer Errors

As dental care technology evolves, digital systems for dentistry documentation have become the tagline. This transition to paperless record keeping together with a growing emphasis on documentation – both within dental care standards and insurance practices – has established appropriate documentation as a priority within all claims and billing processes. Enhanced documentation is a key benefit of practice management software, as the technology provides a generic system that effectively reduces errors analyzing over to hand-written provider notes. Documentation can often be done via mobile devices, such as a tablet, at the patient’s bedside, or at the point of intervention. The ability to momentarily document, chart, or code further helps reduce errors that may otherwise occur when lags exist between the point of care and documentation

More Focus on Quality Care

By shaping down and automating processes and administrative tasks, management systems allow providers to focus on the most important factor in the care equation – the patient. The fewer practitioners have to worry about standard tasks and processes, the more time and energy they are able to devote to the patient, which in turn yields better results and fosters an environment in which quality care – and not documentation, scheduling or various other considerations – is the top priority.

Advanced, Hassle-Free Scheduling

Practices can attest to the fact that practice management solutions take the pain out of scheduling both patients and staff. Intuitive scheduling and calendar tools allow dentistry personnel to input appointments and make calendar adjustments without fear of double-booking or scheduling during a time slot when a given provider is otherwise unavailable.

The scheduling framework in many systems also includes alerts, such as patient balance due or authorization, which helps proactively address potential patient problems prior to the appointment and reduces the burden on front office staff.

More Accuracy and Better Error Reduction

Through the mentioned billing and scheduling features, practices have the ability to quickly and easily update patient records and information. From direct links to update contact data in appointment reminder emails, to intuitive programming that auto-corrects erroneous entries by staff, dental software is a trusted tool to ensure patient information is accurate and up-to-date.

The fact that practice management systems are combined with insurance and billing processes ensures that changes made in one system are reflected in the other components "talking to" the PMS as well.

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CareStack is an all-in-one, cloud based dental practice management software with built-in scheduling, clinical charting, patient financing and analytics.

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