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The truth about the supplement industry

Author: Jamie Hickey
by Jamie Hickey
Posted: Jul 02, 2020

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While supplementation is not a mandatory aspect of your program, it can definitely improve the overall convenience and effectiveness of your fitness plan if you go about it correctly. There is an endless number of different products out there to choose from, the overwhelming majority of them being overhyped, overpriced, and downright ineffective.

The key is knowing which specific supplements to use, the highest quality brands, along with the proper dosing, and timing. I don’t want to deter you from using supplements, they definitely have a place in your routine I just want you to understand how the industry works and how to recognize what to stay away from.

There are 7.7 billion people on this planet and one-third of them are overweight or obese that equates to 256 billion potential customers the fitness industry can take advantage of. The supplement companies know that lean, muscular, impressive bodies are in extremely high demand and they’ll do just about anything to convince you that the answer lies in their new "breakthrough" product.

The supplement companies know that lean, muscular, sexy bodies are in high demand, and they’ll do just about anything to convince you that the answer lies in their next breakthrough product. After all who wouldn’t like to pop back a few pills and instantly develop a brand new body. All they have to do is hype up a random combination of ingredients, slap it together into a fancy bottle, place an excessive price tag on it, stick it on the shelves, and people will fork over their cash every time. As long as there are a compelling advertisement and an uninformed consumer willing to take the bait, this unfortunate situation will continue to perpetuate itself over and over again. See, the supplementation industry used to be highly regulated. You had to prove that your product was safe and effective before it was put on the market.

A few changes to the rules by a senator in Utah changed everything. Now, the supplement industry is no longer regulated by the FDA. As a result of this deregulation, the supplement industry literally exploded. Anyone and everyone was free to create and sell supplements, and the marketplace began overflowing with every type of product imaginable.

Because of the intense competition. companies began employing all sorts of deceptive tactics as a means of getting ahead.

  1. Outrageously false product claims
  2. Low-quality fillers
  3. Ultra low-cost manufacturing methods
  4. Blatant label fraud

All of these bad habits gathered momentum and led to the current state of the industry. A state where most of the products in the marketplace are nothing more than overhyped, overpriced, ineffective fluff. Supplement companies are great at conning you

Some of the more easily influenced of you out there might be thinking…

"But I read a published article in a fitness magazine about product XYZ. How could they publish this information if it was blatantly untrue?" It’s because fitness magazines are owned by supplement companies. Did you ever wonder why over half of a fitness magazine's content is nothing more than advertising for supplements and related products?

They don't make their money from your monthly subscriptions, they make their money by selling supplements. And they do this by packing every single month’s publication with a gigantic mass of advertisements and bogus articles which are written purely for the purpose of promoting a particular supplement.

The key lesson here is to make sure that you're doing your research and buying a product that is going to actually deliver on its promises instead of just making you lighter in the pockets.

About the Author

I'm a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I used to weigh 305 pounds and quickly learned how hard it is to differentiate between the helpful knowledge and the bullshit. My goal is to give a no nonsense approach to fitness, to help everyone.

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