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What are some application of permanent magnet?

Author: Daniel Mabee
by Daniel Mabee
Posted: Jul 03, 2020

The magnetism of a magnet is caused by the absence of a magnetic field. They are widely divided into two categories: permanent magnets and temporary magnets.

Permanent magnets always adhere to magnetism, while temporary magnets show magnetism when they are around very strong magnets. Because magnet has strong magnetism, so it is used in different electrical appliances and instruments. It can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and also can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Widely used in electronic appliances, different occupations, credit cards, home appliances, etc. Chinese magnets are widely used in tools, electrical appliances, industry and other fields. Permanent magnets have different uses, so they are custom made and shipped loose with custom magnets. Let's take a quick look at the industrial uses of magnets:

1. Horn

Loudspeakers convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The permanent magnet in the loudspeaker is fixed near the moving electromagnetic coil. When the current passes through, it will cause vibration, and the cone connected with the electromagnet will generate sound waves.

2. In electric cars

Permanent magnet is the key component of motor. It can transform electric energy into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is the main work of motor.

3. In the generator

The working principle of generator is opposite to that of motor. It uses permanent magnets to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

4. In the hard drive

Generally, there are three permanent magnets in the hard disk drive (commonly known as hard disk drive). The fixed permanent magnet in the driver is used to move the reading and writing arm, the small magnet at the end of the reading and writing arm, and the third permanent magnet in the main shaft. Hard disk drives use magnetic storage mechanisms to write and store information on magnetic coated disks called platters.

5. Magnetic cleaner

It is widely used in the industrial field to reduce maintenance cost and eliminate the human operation in airports, loading docks and construction sites

6. Credit card and other ID cards

The black strip of a credit card is called a magnetic strip. They are used for credit cards to help them with their homework. They are also used for different identity cards.

7. Refrigerator door

The refrigerator door adopts permanent magnet. In addition to the refrigerator door, the gasket that seals the refrigerator door also has a thin magnetic strip.

8. Tools

Magnetic screwdriver and other simple tools to attract small screws also use magnets. Magnets help to attract iron materials and other magnetic products.

9. Car

Hybrid and electric cars use powerful permanent magnets. Magnets used in cars are both expensive and oversupplied.

10. Jewelry

Permanent magnets are used in different forms, such as earrings, bracelets, collars and some beads. The permanent magnet used in jewelry ensures that the jewelry is fastened.

In addition, many other professions use magnets to make a large number of products to meet the needs of different countries.

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