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What Thing You Should Consider to Improve Your Restaurant’s Coffee Service?

Author: Jackson Willam
by Jackson Willam
Posted: Jul 06, 2020
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The exception for good coffee doesn’t stop at cafés. From bar to bistros, customers are challenging the best when it comes to their caffeine fix. By serving fresh and quality coffee, a restaurant owner can increase their customers’ length of stay while inspiring additional add-on purchases including pastries or dessert.

From beans to brew, there is room for upgrading at every step of your coffee making process. It is ideal to find a quality coffee supplier for buying whole bean coffee , coffee powder and others for improving the taste of your coffee. It is also necessary to install proper equipment for making flavorful coffee that your customers will pay a premium for. Here are some ways to improve your restaurant’s coffee service.

Should You Buy Whole Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee?

If it is possible, you should always choose whole coffee beans for your restaurant or coffee shop. Serving stale coffee is an instant turn-off for customers and grinding your own whole beans is one of the easiest ways for avoiding that. There are the majority of your coffee’s flavor that is found in the beans’ essential oils. After grounding these, the oils evaporate quickly, taking their flavor with them.

Instead, invest in a commercial coffee grinder, which includes varying grind levels for giving you maximum versatility. You should grind beans very fine for bold espresso. You should also make sure the coffee beans are ground to the appropriate size for avoiding creating an overpowering cup of coffee depending on the style.

What Is the Difference Between a Burr Grinder and a Blade Grinder?

A burr grinder has two revolving surfaces that grind coffee between them, while a blade grinder features blades in the center of it similar to a blender.

Choosing the right grinder can impact the outcome of your customer’s coffee. When choosing a commercial grinder to produce better coffee, a burr grinder is better option, because they grind coffee beans between surfaces.

How Do You Store Coffee Grounds?

You should store your coffee grounds in an airtight container in a dark, dry place. This is not a good idea to store coffee grounds in a refrigerator or freezer. When it comes to store large amount of coffee beans, there are some baristas that believe keeping them in the freezer or refrigerator when it is in its whole bean form and also tucked away inside an airtight bag. After removing the bean from the cold, they should be ground and used within two weeks.

Things to Consider When Brewing Your Coffee

Once you have fresh grounds to work with, it is important to consider some factors into consideration before and during the brewing process. From the grinder to the brewer, you should also make sure staff members are clearing out equipment regularly.

  • Keep Your Equipment Clean

Your carefully crafted grounds can pick an undesirable taste from dirty and unclean equipment. You should also make sure your staff members are cleaning out equipment carefully.

  • Brew At the Right Temperature

Brew your coffee grounds in water between 198 and 202 degrees Fahrenheit, because brewing coffee below 195 degrees results in poor flavor.


These are some important thing that you should consider for improving your restaurant’s coffee service. You can find a reliable coffee supplier for buying the best quality of whole bean coffee, coffee powder and others.

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