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Internet Marketing Tip: Create A Social Media Contest

Author: Kannan Subramanian
by Kannan Subramanian
Posted: Jul 06, 2020
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In this article, I’d like to revisit the idea of holding a contest to build followers, email lists, and links to the site. Running a contest has been a tried and true method of generating lasting and effective links for years. A contest also provides potential visitors with the incentive that will bring them to the site immediately. You may have run a contest in the past, and had a hard time getting momentum and visitors. If that is the case, don’t give up on the idea of a contest.I’ve included a few updated tips that can help you get the buzz going so that your content has the desired effect.

The first thing to decide about your contest is the prize. You could offer a free product or service, or you could offer something everyone wants, like a new iPad. One way to start building buzz about your contest is to let others donate the prizes, and have them mention to their followers that they are doing so. Sometimes you can ask one of your partners or suppliers to see if they would be interested in donating a prize in exchange for a free ad on your contest pages, or some other type of exchange. The contest is a great opportunity for more exposure to their brand than a simple banner would provide. For example, you may begin to build buzz and solicit prizes by doing the following:

Add a button on your website that links to the contest page. Add logos from any companies that donated prizes. Add this information to the contest page as well. On this page, explain the contest rules and the method you will use to promote the contest. To get companies to donate prizes, explain why your subscribers will enjoy winning the prize. Show the number of visitors that come to your website now, so that you can show them how many people will likely see their logos and prizes. Tell these companies that you will also be providing links to their sites.

If a company does donate prizes, keep them abreast of the contest following and make sure to send them a thank you at the end of the contest. Set a clear goal for the contest. For example, the contest could help announce a new product or service, add people to your email list, add followers to your social media sites, induce visitors to add ratings or testimonials, build your brand, or promote a sale item. Now you can decide what the contest will be about. Here are some examples of successful contests that might inspire your creativity:

A blog post on why your service or product is needed

A video or blog post on the most creative use of your service or product

A video or blog post about a personal experience using your product or service

The rules for the contest should be as easy to follow as possible and summarized on the entry form with a link to the details. Make sure to let people know when and how the winners will be selected. Make sure you tell people all the information you will collect about them, and how you plan to use it. Tell them that if they provide an email address, they are giving you permission to email them with product updates and news, and that they can unsubscribe at any time. Promotion for your Contest:

Send the contest email out to everyone on your email list.

Post it on your blog and social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Ask the prize sponsors to post and tweet about the contest too

Add ReTweet and Share icons on your contest page, email and social media

Write a press release about your contest and send it to all the local papers and online journals that might be interested.

Search for free contest forums and add your contest to these

Do lots of promotion during the contest, but especially right before the winner is chosen to heighten the anticipation.

Then when the winner is announced, make sure to get pictures of them holding the prize, and write up another press release. Use your blog to announce the winners and also post on all your social media sites. In this post, discuss the products and company that sponsored the prizes, as well as your own company. In many cases, the links to the contest will last forever, but if you want to ensure their longevity, you might want to consider holding regular contests so that the links can remain relevant. Although setting up your first contest can be a lot of work, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you fire up your next contest, and it will get easier and easier with each successive contest you offer. Contests are wonderful brand exposure and can lead to lasting quality links and increased traffic.

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