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Six Ways to Lower Your Freight Shipping Costs

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Jul 04, 2020

In these tight economic times, every dollar counts and freight shipping costs are not any exception. There are a number of ways to keep your freight rates, especially for smaller volume shippers. Below are 6 easy things to consider:

Smaller is better. The more room your shipment takes up, the upper the value. Eliminate bulky packaging without jeopardizing your shipment from getting damaged. Freight carriers not only consider the weight of your shipment, but also how much space it takes up on the truck, or airplane. A hundred pound shipment of foam will cost more than 100 pound shipment of steel.

Shipment to / from a business. Business to business shipments are always cheaper than residential shipments. Freight carriers charge a premium on residential pickups / deliveries, so if you can find a friend's business to use, you'll save yourself some money.

Avoid extended services. This is where the fees can add up. If your shipment is less than 175 lbs, get a friend to help you lift it off the truck and avoid the costly lift gate fee. Also, avoid the inside pickup / delivery fees. Most freight is picked up and delivered curbside. If you request inside pickup / delivery, the carrier will only deliver it past the opening threshold of the building. This may mean the front door of your house. Don't expect them to climb or descend stairs. In most cases, it makes sense to avoid the inside pickup / delivery and do it yourself.

Once you are signed up the online freight quotes system will give you so much more than just quotes. You can immediately see you're the history of all your shipments. View your invoices and payments or import any specific data that you need to see. You can export daily manifest or custom date range manifest

If your company has more than one location you can add users based on location and control there access. If you want your employee to be able to view shipments but not book them you will have that capability.

Get the best USPS Discount available! Did I forget to mention that this system also integrates directly with the United States postal Service? If you ask for a quote and the weight is less than 70 lbs you will also receive a quote from the USPS. The postage discounts we offer are the same as commercial plus pricing where available.

Crate it. While crates are more expensive to build than pallets, they'll protect your shipment more during transit. They'll often save you money too, especially when shipping LTL (less than truckload). For example, a palletized car engine may be a freight class 85, yet a crated engine may be a cheaper class 70.

Avoid freight carrier insurance. Freight carriers are in the business of moving your freight, not insuring it. Consider using a 3rdparty insurance broker like or They'll often provide cheaper prices and better coverage for insuring your shipment.

Compare freight rates. Be an informed consumer and get freight quotes from multiple providers---and consider online sources. Freight rates vary considerably, even with the same carrier, and getting competing quotes will ensure your getting the lowest freight quote for your shipment.

While the same applies for large companies, the initial goal of freight management for large companies usually involves making the shipping process more "direct", particularly by eliminating frequent stops. In some cases, frequently delivery stops are unavoidable, as when a product must be assembled in various steps at various locations. But when a company assembles a product at one location and then ships it cross country, the product typically rests in warehouses as it awaits its next transporter, which results in warehouse fees, increased inventory fees and longer delivery time. A common solution to these obstacles is shipping by air instead of ground. While more expensive in terms of shipping rate, air transport is often more cost effective because it eliminates frequent stops and their associated fees.

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