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Top Maintenance Tips For Car Your Engine

Author: Allauto Partstore
by Allauto Partstore
Posted: Jul 13, 2020

Your car will perform well and good until you maintain it in a proper condition. Even your trustiest brand car’s life depends on how you take care of it. Although you have great car love for your car, it can be tempting some times to ignore its maintenance. As we heard often, an engine is the heart of a car, keeping it in good condition not only prevents some issues, but also saves you money and can keep your car running for years.

Let us give you some useful tips that can be applied to any type of engine.

Monitor your coolant

Whatever the engine you hold diesel or petrol, new brand engine or a used engine, its coolant is one of the most crucial maintenance needs. To avoid the coolant becoming more acidic over time, you should have continuous monitoring over the coolant. If you fail to be cautious, the acidic condition may destroy the performance of other parts in the cooling system. So prepare a schedule to monitor the coolant and get it flushed on appropriate time intervals.

Take care of engine’s radiator

The function of the car radiator is to keep the car cool by transferring the heat from the engine to the air. As with diesel engines, they tend to run at hotter temperatures than gas motors. So their radiators are subject to higher temperatures, leading to overheating.

Persistent overheating may tend to affect the engine components like gasket seals, cylinders and finally to failure of the engine. So, how can you avoid such overheating? Proper cooling system maintenance activities like regular coolant or radiator exchanges are found to be great ways in preventing overheating in the diesel engines.

Check with the oil and regularly change it

You should always know how to check the oil level. If you are not aware of that, you can get instructions from the owner manual provided with your car. If you come to know the difference between the clean oil and the muddy one, you will be able to prevent unnecessary issues and can identify if something goes wrong with your engine.

Keep the engine always clean

It is one of the simplest but most effective preventive measures for your engine. You may have purchased a used engine for your car, but it doesn’t mean it should look older. If grease, dust and grime gets built up on the engine, the engine filters can potentially get blocked. This in turn prevents the cooling down process. It is recommended to clean the car’s exterior with a degreaser and vacuum tool to remove off any dust and debris around the casing.

Adhere to Good Driving Habits

You may be an excellent driver, but you should be kind too when driving your car. Don't make it do zero to 60 within three seconds. Slow starts can cause less strain with your car engine. When you accelerate, change gears smoothly, don’t expect to stop on a dime. It will damage the brakes.

Do regular inspections

You don’t need to be a professional mechanic to take care of your engine. Some simple maintenance activities that are carried out can enhance your engine’s performance. Some checkpoints you can do:

  • Check for Leaks under the vehicle

  • Ensure proper fluid level

  • Are there any damaged or frayed belts?

If you find that the fluids are consistently low, then you have to seek the help of a professional.

Change the wires and spark plugs whenever it needed

The wires connected with the distributor send electric current to the spark plugs. This will generate a spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture in the cylinders. The regular usage of car may cause the car engine to run rough. So, you have to consider changing the spark plugs and wires if they are too old. This will help to run the engine smoothly and also improves the mileage as well.

Generally, you have to ensure every part of your car regularly, especially the car engine. If you feel you can’t make the time with your hectic schedule, you can look for a professional mechanic for regular maintenance activities.

Keep your car engine healthy for a healthy car. If in case, you face a situation where you have to replace the engine, you don’t have to worry about finding a dealer for your engine. At, they can help to find a wide selection of top-quality used engines that will fit any budget.

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