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10 Step Process of an Auto Accident Case

Author: Clayton Burgess
by Clayton Burgess
Posted: Jul 13, 2020

Life gets topsy-turvy when you meet with road accidents. You never know what awaits you at the next corner of the lane. One major collision and you end up losing your life in the blink of an eye. Several factors are responsible for the occurrence of an auto accident including violation of traffic rules and reckless driving.

However, do you know what to do after an auto accident? Are you aware of the legal procedure that you need to follow for filing a car accident case? To help you get out of the complexities of an accident case, the role of a professional is significant. Hiring an auto accident attorney in Shreveport would be the best possible way to defend your case. With years of experience in this field, these legal representatives can handle your case with the utmost proficiency.

Before that, there are some quintessential steps one must follow if he/she is hit by a car or other vehicles. Give the following points a thorough read and put them to use when required.

1. Primary Investigation:

For all of us, health is a priority. So, there's no point in ignoring the significance of seeking medical assistance. In case of medical help, don’t panic, rather, make sure you are immediately attended by the passersby. However, if you find yourself fine and stable, try to take pictures of the entire scenario with your phone and make a note of the necessary details related to the accident. It would land you a step ahead in filing the case later.

2. Initial treatment of injuries:

After meeting an accident, recovery of your health is very much essential. Do visit the doctor and don't hesitate to explain to him all the issues which you might be facing. There might be an internal injury that you are unaware of. Do necessary tests and x-rays if you are facing other medical conditions and continue with the medical treatment.

3. File your claim for Insurance:

It is essential to notify the insurance company about your accident. Generally, the assigned company takes all the responsibilities in settling your claim under your coverage policy. Sometimes you might end up in a loss. Hence, it’s safer to get in touch with a professional auto accident attorney in Shreveport for securing maximum compensation.

4. Consultation with an Auto Accident Attorney:

With years of expertise in this field, an auto accident lawyer in Lafayette can guide you on the grounds of claiming fair compensation for an injury and winning the case. These professionals have profound legal expertise and job knowledge to assist you and keep you safe from all negative consequences.

5. Proper Medical Investigation:

A detailed judgment of your health conditions should be done. Only on evaluating the reports, an insurance company would be allowed to settle the claims.

6. Settlement of a client’s demand:

The client submits the demand only when he feels that he is perfectly stable with his health conditions. Sometimes accidents leave severe injuries that require life-long treatment. All the current and future expenses would be included in the claim. There could be a few negotiations from the insurance company’s end before the final settlement is fixed.

7. Case Settled or Lawsuit filed:

Your car accident attorney analyzes whether the offered claim is fair and gives you further suggestions. At the negotiation, it is all up to you to decide whether to opt for the settlement or file lawsuit against the company for not meeting your claim demand.

8. Discovery period:

This is the time allotted to both victims as well as the accused to find more information about each other and gather suitable evidence to present to the court.

9. Mediation:

A neutral representative here tries to settle things out and make the situation/settlement beneficial for both the parties.

10. Trial:

In case, the mediation is unsuccessful, the case then goes on trial. Both victim and the accused wait for the final verdict from the judge.

Fighting for justice is a long, tedious, and mind-consuming process. The process becomes less stressful with the support of a professional. Thus, for best results, hire the ablest legal representatives. Remember, in law, nothing is certain other than the expenses associated. So, make sure to rope in the worthiest attorney for your case and to get the best return for your invested time and money.

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L. Clayton Burgess is an experienced legal advisor in Louisiana. You can call at (877) 348-1211 to get Free consultation!

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