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Why Should You Study The AAT Qualification?

Author: Mekal John
by Mekal John
Posted: Jul 13, 2020

If you are seeing studying the AAT qualification, congratulations; you’ve taken the first step to an exciting, rewarding, and safe career in the world of finance. Before you choose whether or not AAT is right for you, however, or decide which level of AAT qualification you wish to attain, it’s essential to achieve a thorough consideration of the job benefits AAT certification can provide.

The AAT Path- Will I Be An Accountant Or A Bookkeeper?

Potential accounting students are often confused by the many different terms used to describe the numerous types of financial professionals; such as the first thing many students surprise when reviewing the AAT curriculum is, ‘Will I be a Bookkeeper or an Accountant if I take all three levels of AAT?’

The answer to this question lies anywhere in the middle; completing all three levels of AAT will not create you a certified accountant, but it will mark you an ‘Accounting Technician’. If you wish to follow bookkeeping, you can study the AAT courses, and this will succeed you for roles such as a Self-employed Bookkeeper.

It’s essential to comprehend that for some individuals, becoming an Accounting Technician rather than a Bookkeeper may be preferable; it depends on what you’re beholding for in terms of on-the-job duties, pay, and other paybacks. For those who mainly enjoy working with financial data, the job of Accounting Technician can be tremendously rewarding.

The Benefits Of Studying AAT- Why Choose To Become An Accounting Technician?

Accounting Technicians perform many of the same tasks and have many of the same duties as accountants do; there are a few fundamental changes. In addition to performing accounting duties, an accounting technician will also be estimated to manage more innovative data related to the company’s accounts, such as record loan payment interest, computing the depreciation of an asset. Additionally, accounting technicians are expected to aid to prepare financial reports and explain the data contained in these reports to the business owner. However, unlike a bookkeeper, an Accounting Technician will not be expected to give high-level economic advice or conduct audits.

Other benefits of study AAT courses include:

  • Easy entry - Anyone can get
Aat courses; there are no requisites. As long as you’re ready to put in the time and effort, you can attain a respected professional qualification.

  • Excellent job security- Accounting technicians are in high demand today, both because of ever-tightening economic regulations and because many institutions are switching over to handling their finances.
  • A less stressful career path- Certified accountants are responsible for extremely high-level decision-making. Accounting professionals, on the other hand, are more accountable for the day-to-day management of a company’s finances.
  • Excellent financial prospects. If you achieve all three levels of AAT, you can suppose to gain a salary of over £37,000 yearly.
  • A flexible career- As an Accounting Technician, you can be employed as a full-time employee, or you can select to work from home as a self-employed freelancer, set your hours and deciding your rate of pay, it’s up to you.

As a final note, it’s significant to remember that if you complete your AAT Level 3 qualification and find you have a desire to know more about accounting, AAT courses deliver an excellent foundation for pursuing higher education.If you would like to begin a profession in accountancy or develop your current skills further, visit our qualifications, fill in the form for free consultation hour.

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