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11 Ways to Stable Your Windows VPS

Author: Nitin Gupta
by Nitin Gupta
Posted: Jul 13, 2020
windows vps

Stable and secure your VPS is one of the top-level concern for every business person. After buying a VPS server from the best web hosting provider, business stability and security are major factors. It is the smart step that one should take after getting the VPS login credentials. Our Windows VPS Hosting India is the one-stop solution that helps to stable your business for a Long term.

VPS is a Virtual Private Server that leases its space for hosting websites. You get a broad range of dedicated resources at cheap rates and the benefit of additional resources on the price of shared server hosting with Windows VPS. VPS Server with Windows operating system platform is best to handle enough traffic on mid-sized websites.

In this Blog Post, We have Shortlisted the Top 11 Ways to Secure and Stable your Windows VPS ServerDisable Default Administrator Account. Then, Create A New User With Administrator Permissions

When you purchase a new Windows VPS Server from a web hosting provider, then by default, they create an administrator account. It may increase the chances of an attack on your website. Your website may get corrupted by the continuous trying to login with a brute-force. Also, chances to get the site is crashed by some automated attacks. Therefore, after buying a Server from the provider, change the login credentials securely and safely.

Choose the unique administrator or user name with a unique password with the great combinations of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. It helps to make your password stable and secure.

Set Up A Strong Password For Your Administrator Account

Strong passwords play a very important and significant role in your business success. If you make a password that anyone can easily guess, you can suffer from significant problems. Then, no option left with you except to start your business website from scratch. Therefore, with Windows VPS India, securely change the administrator username as you learn in the above mention point. Here are some techniques or a simple guide to generating a strong password.

Try to make a password that must be at least 10 characters

Must be a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, characters

Ignore using the same password for multiple accounts

Avoid using similar passwords

If you follow these rules to create a strong password, then you can secure your website being hacked by the hackers. This two-fold technique also helps to remember your password.

Change The Default Remote Desktop Connection Port

Remote desktop is needed to access the Windows VPS Server that runs on the default port. So it is publicly and easily attacked by hackers or viruses. So to secure your site from such brute-force attacks, change the default port.

Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) will help you to secure your best windows VPS hosting server from the

Brute-force attacks

Failed login attempts detection

Recognizing the audit logs

Instant IP address blocking after login attempts exceeding

IP Based Restriction To Remote Desktop Using The Windows Firewall

First, you need to change the existing or default port for remote desktop to restrict unknown IP addresses for gaining access to your VPS server. What do you all need to do for this? You just have to make sure that properly in working with a static IP address under a secure internet connection.

Just keep in mind before doing any task that DSL, Cable, and Wireless Connections do not comprise the static IP address. Therefore, we can say that working with a home internet connection refers to a dynamic IP address.

With our best windows VPS hosting, it is easy to restrict the IP address with little care. Otherwise, it may lead to blocking yourself.

Install Antivirus In Your Windows VPS

What happens if you don't want to install antivirus in your system? You can suffer from unfortunate things such as systems or files that might get corrupted or windows too. It means you are responsible if your data get lost. Therefore, Antivirus is needed. It is a secure firewall that shields your files and folders in the system from being corrupted.

While downloading and uploading processes from the Internet, it might be possible that your Windows VPS Server must get in contact with a harmful virus. It includes adware, malware, spyware, and even more hacking mechanisms that are dangerous for files and the system itself. To keep your data safe from being hacked or crashed. Use high and standard firewalls as a protection layer for your system.

With our cheap VPS windows hosting, you get the robust and free options to secure your VPS Server that comes with real-time protection.

Enable Windows Firewall

Our cheap windows VPS hosting comes with a default set of firewalls with windows OS. It helps you to secure your data from being corrupted. It works when you transfer, upload, download any data from the Internet, and then thoroughly scan the file. The special benefits and advantages that you get with our Windows VPS Server antiviruses.

It prevents data from malicious software and websites.

Completely scan the data with the filtration process.

Secure your system from being corrupted

Our Cheap VPS Windows is best in offering decent firewalls for your site and easily handle the platform with critical and complex operations.

Update Windows Regularly

Updates always come with additional characteristics. Therefore, updating windows benefits your business in many ways. You don't need to be stress out. Just have to configure your automated update setting for regular updates for ultra-fast and reliable resources. We Cheap Windows VPS is highly recommended that alert you for the window updates.

Most of the updates come to provide the end-user experience and benefits of enhanced security, bug fixing, remove vulnerability patches, and many more.

Update Third-Party Software Regularly

There is no doubt that Microsoft gives 100% efforts to secure windows. Security is always the top concern for every business person. But is it also genuine that when you are going to install any third-party software then, it is harmful to your website or system. It can also put your data in danger regardless of the number of applications on your server. Therefore, regular updates, proper backups, and standard security measures only the way to shield your data from the third-party software

Setup Remote Desktop Gateway

Our VPS Windows plan comes with the updated and latest technology-based security measures. It is perfect to choose data encryption technology to protect or stable your data. Remote Desktop Gateway perfectly does it. This will help you to access your VPS Server under excellent internet connection over the large networks such as SSL/TLS with ease.

Intrusion Prevention/Detection

Everyone can't make proper configuration or installation of instruction detection tools on their personal computer. Therefore, it must be recommended for them to help experts to do such a high level of security for a Stable Windows VPS Server. Therefore choose the windows VPS server that quickly detects the real-time network traffic on your VPS Server. Also, you can quickly identify the attack signature with the help of this top-rated tool.

Use Spyware Protection

The easiest way to infect or corrupt your Windows VPS Server is Spyware. It is the most harmful virus that can easily trap you by its presentable advertisements or visiting any internet websites. Totally corrupt the data and hack personal credentials from the background with complete silence if a system gets mistakenly infected by spyware. Therefore, installing anti-spyware is a safe and secure method to be protected from any kind of spyware attack. What do you need to do? Just keep up to date your spyware protection software and stress-free from any disaster.


Security is one of the important factors when you are working online on an extensive network. Without continuous server monitoring, your website can ruin or suffer from a disastrous situation. Therefore, it is a must to optimize your server on a regular basis to get the optimal site performance.

You have to take care of your server without completely depending on the web hosting provider. Sometimes, you don't get instant support, then only you can fix the issue immediately. Above mentioned points in this article help you to secure your Windows VPS India from any kind of cyberattacks.

Don't stress out if you cannot maintain your server. You get the proper server monitoring and maintenance with windows VPS hosting with instant best possible solutions.

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Nitin Gupta is a Marketing Executive & IT writer at Wisesolution. He is having 5 years of experience in the web hosting industry and explored much over the Hosting services. He is extremely passionate about writing technic.

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