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10 Tips to get the App Store to Approve Your App

Author: Anup Kumar
by Anup Kumar
Posted: Jul 16, 2020
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In recent years, the hype around mobile applications has seen a recent surge. The community of developers across the globe welcomed this upward trend of mobile applications and spent their extensive hours for improvement in mobile applications. Now there are a lot of platforms dedicated to mobile app development and developers are upgrading these platforms with the advancement in technology.

Mobile app development has its fruitful rewards even if the entire process of mobile app development is tedious and time-consuming. There are two major platforms for releasing the application. One is the App Store (for iOS apps) and the other one is the Play Store (for Android apps). Developers switch constantly between these two platforms for targeting their audience.

Tips to get the App Store to Approve Your App

The Apple App Store is one of the best marketplaces in the mobile industry. It is also one of the hardest markets to enter and get perceived as a developer. Developers dedicate numerous hours to creating, planning, and testing an incredible application. They fix each known bug and guarantee the plan works impeccably on each gadget customers use. But if they make a big mistake then their application will get dismissed.

Developers always have that fear of their apps being rejected by the Apple app store. Their countless hours of planning, testing, and building apps go right in vain but if they follow the right strategy for app development then their app will never lurk in the darkness of rejection.

This article will make you aware of the aspects which can easily get the app store to approve your app

1. Make it Minimal

Everybody wants an application with great features. However, rather, improving the application you need to make, you can reuse the features for making it as minimal as possible. You can generally include new highlights later. The significant thing is to get an endorsement for the essentials from the start.

This makes it a lot simpler for Apple to test it. The more essential the usefulness, the quicker your application will get endorsed. Whatever you do, do exclude a bigger number of highlights than required for the particular gadget you're trying.

Remove the number of fancy features and stay to the absolute minimum when you present your application for endorsement. Not exclusively will this assist you with getting an incredible review by the Apple team but it will also spare you innumerable hours early.

Construct an insignificant feasible item first, and change and modify your application dependent on feedback once it dispatches.

2. Read Previous Case-Histories

Find out about other Apple developer’s encounters, make a few inquiries, and discover exactly the stuff to get your application endorsed in the Apple App Store. To begin with, you should be aware of the most widely recognized errors application developers make.

If possible, read past "case-histories" of App Store rejections to discover why those applications didn't get endorsed. This will give you superior insight into the App Store which will alow along you to make a superior application.

By maintaining a strategic distance from different pitfalls, you can guarantee that your application ascends over the rest and gets affirmed. Fortunately, this information isn't too hard to find. By taking a look at previous verifiable patterns of which applications get affirmed and which don't, you can guarantee your basis for endorsement in the App Store.

3. Remove Bugs & Errors

You should possibly present your application to the App Store when it is 100% finished. Learn from other developer’s missteps; 25% of application dismissals are because applications are fragmented.

It doesn't make a difference in what kind of application you have, testing is essential. Not exclusively to pick up App Store endorsement but also to the future accomplishment of your application. Ensure you test your application on many gadgets and stages possible. Finally, consistently fix the noteworthy bugs before submitting them.

4. Fix Broken Links

All links in your application must be useful or you hazard having your application dismissed. A connection to client support with exceptional contact data is required for all applications. Additionally, in case you're offering auto-inexhaustible, free memberships, or a Kids Category application, you should give a connection to your protection strategy.

Be mindful to check all connections in your application as any messed up connection may prompt dismissal.

5. Simplified UI

Apple places a high emphasis on clean, easy to use interfaces. Disentangle your application however much as could be expected to pass the underlying submission. Keep in mind, you can include further developed highlights later. It's progressively critical to get the basics right first.

6. Complete Information

Enter all the necessary details expected to review your application in the App Review Information area of iTunes Connect. The key things to finish are:

  • Your name, contact details, and email ID

  • The APIs utilized and their depiction

  • Pictures or symbols utilized and on the off chance that they are utilized in different applications

  • Links to third-party sites (where fundamental) with a depiction

7. Avoid Replications

Making various Bundle IDs of the equivalent application or utilizing various variants for explicit areas can bring about the dismissal. Consider presenting a single app and giving varieties utilizing in-application buys.

Additionally, do your examination; for example, nobody needs to see the 110th Flappy Bird application. Spamming the App Store is not a smart thought and may prompt your expulsion from the Developer Program.

8. Get Creative

The Apple App Store has, at present, more than 300,000 applications. This makes it extremely difficult for developers to make their application stand alone from the rest. Get innovative with your application, select a specialty that isn't utilized, and check whether you can introduce your application in some unique manner.

Embrace a novel perception to your application, make it usable, and connect with the client. If you can't make your application unique, odds are that it won't pass the App Store approval process.

9. Don’t Mislead Users

Be cautious with what you guarantee in such a case that your application doesn't convey, it might get rejected. You shouldn’t give clients the impression your application is something it isn't. Be reasonable with what you focus on.

10. Be Patient

Normally, the App Store approval process takes anything between a month. In any case, some of the time, it might take any longer than that. Be patient and anticipate the decision.


Almost certainly you have heaps of energizing designs for your application yet if it gets dismissed by the App Store, they're inconsequential. You can't bear to lose track of the main issue at hand or cut corners; the possible awards on offer if your application is endorsed are excessively incredible.

On the off chance that the survey group doesn't affirm your application, make alters, and apply. With cautious arranging and arrangement, you can make an application that surpasses Apple's desires and discovers its approach to advertise with zero issues. Make sure to consider the above-given points for having a better insight into getting your app approved on App Store.

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Mr. Anup Kumar is the Co-Founder of TechGropse Pvt Ltd.; Mobile app development company. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies.

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