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Entering the Virtual World with an Esports Agency

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Jul 17, 2020

What is an Esports agency and what role do they play in the vibrant virtual world? An Esports agency specializes in marketing and outreach within the Esports industry. These tech-savvy professionals are the ideal partners for businesses looking to build their brand in the online world. More and more companies are looking to the world of Esports for advertising opportunities, and for good reason. Esports is one of the fastest growing industries, with over 443 million fans tuning in around the world. So how do businesses tap in to this fast-paced digital world?

What Makes Esports Unique?

As an international industry, Esports is home to a massive audience from all corners of the world. With a reach from North America to Asia, this competitive gaming industry is a juggernaut in the global marketplace, with a net value surpassing $1 billion USD. Esports are rapidly gaining popularity, notably amongst younger crowds, and the size of Esports competitions rivals that of professional sports events. The virtual nature of Esports creates an accessible viral event that audiences of all genders, ages, and geographic locations can tap into and connect with players across the world. For businesses, this opens an avenue to audiences that were once isolated from traditional advertising means, and that’s where Esports agencies come in.

Recognizing the Scale of Esports

With a massive audience and incredible virtual events, Esports is an ideal opportunity for brands to make their mark. Those stuck in the mindset that Esports comes down to kids getting together to play a few video games are missing out on an incredibly lucrative market. Professional gaming tournaments have seen prize pools skyrocket as a result of big-name brands sponsoring events and these virtual spectacles bring in millions of views from around the world. The popular online game Dota 2 saw a whopping $34 million prize for the first-place team. League of Legends’ championship match attracted over 100 million viewers back in 2019. Not exactly the neighborhood kids getting together to play a few games.

The Role of Esports Agencies as Connectors to Fans

This massive online audience comes with its own unique set of expectations. Companies believing they can join the game and make a quick buck are destined for mission failure. Esports audiences expect more from advertising efforts. They want a captivating story and advertising that goes above and beyond traditional 2D marketing. Esports audiences are incredibly active on digital platforms and as such, are bombarded with advertisements with every click. Making an impression with this digital crowd takes careful planning and messaging that sticks its landing—and this is best found with the help of an Esports agency.

Finding an Esports Agency

There are a number of Esports agencies that work alongside businesses and brands as bridges to this expanding virtual world. Digital advertising requires significant planning and execution if a company hopes to compete with the thousands of ads users scroll past every minute. While it can take some serious work to plug into Esports audiences, the effort is well worth it. Esports has one of the most impressive growth trends in the modern market. Working with an Esports agency helps companies not only enter the game, but also excel in it.

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