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7 Social media dominating marketing trends of 2020

Author: Ashutosh Bhardwaj
by Ashutosh Bhardwaj
Posted: Jul 18, 2020

According to projections, by the end of 2020, social media marketing expenditure will cross the $105 billion mark. Social media has been a driving force behind modern-day marketing. Most businesses are utilizing the magic of social media to forge their way into the world. However, social media is also ever-evolving and never static. Social media marketing will see an annual growth of almost 9% by the end of 2020. But, despite it’s popularity and effectiveness, there is no formula for it. Trends evolve, new platforms emerge, customer habits change, and business scenarios evolve as well, leading to the constant urgency to change everything up.

So, do you need to change things up to create a better, more effective social media strategy? Yes. How do you do it? By following some of the tried and tested social media marketing trends of 2020 and consulting a contemporary digital marketing agency that keeps itself updated, like MMBO, a creative digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR.

Social media trends to tap into in 2020

1. Video-Content is King

Video content was already dominating social media in 2019, 2020 has just pushed the trend forward. 92% of people watching these videos share them, 72% of people prefer videos to written posts, and audiences or visitors spend 88% more time on websites with videos. Naturally, video content is one of the top social media marketing trends.

How can you make it effective?

-Create a catchy title. If possible, make it SEO keyword enhanced.

-Add keywords to the video description.

-Use tags properly.

-Give clear information in the first few seconds regarding what the video is about.

-Create short & simple videos.

-Optimize for conversions with clear CTA buttons.

-Maximize the reach and impact of your videos.

2. Re-evaluate Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a well-established practice. In fact, about 63% of marketers interested in social media marketing are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget because of the high return on investment, more than $5 for every $1 spent. It is one of the most popular social media marketing trends. However, marketers are also looking to adopt a different approach, and so can you.

Instead of connecting with a huge influencer with inorganic likes and less engagement in their content, marketers are looking to connect with nano-influencers, i.e., influencers with a few thousand organic followers. These influencers have smaller audiences who are more engaged with the content they produce and ready to form a meaningful relationship with the brands they represent.

3. Stories over posts

Instead of text-heavy posts, marketers are preferring stories, which are one of the fastest-growing social media marketing trends. When Snapchat started this feature, nobody knew it would become such a blockbuster hit; but it did. Today, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and every social media platform is doing it and doing it effectively. Why is everybody banking on it? Because stories are growing 15Xfaster than any other feed and almost 62% of people on these platforms become more interested in brands after seeing their story.

This works because 69% of millennials, the prime buyers on social media, suffer from FOMO or fear of missing out, which drives their purchase decisions, and the disappearing stories induce such reactions promptly. They are also a great way to interact with your audience, making them feel that you and your brand are relatable to them.

4. User-generated Content-The new kid on the block

User-generated content is one of the top social media marketing trends because it is becoming increasingly favoured by people on social media platforms. Why? Because this helps brands establish connections directly with their customers via customer-centric content. You can simply ask your followers to post a selfie with your product with a hashtag of your choice, or you can also create a content chain showcasing the written positive reviews of authentic customers.

5. Social Commerce-To new beginnings

Bridging the gap between social media and e-commerce was always one step away. With the launch of Facebook's shops and Instagram checkout, that gap is no more. Millennials and Gen Z spend about 3-5X more time on social media platforms. So, given a chance to buy the products they love so much on social media without having to leave these platforms is a huge step in the right direction towards better user experience.

6. Chatbots to the rescue

There was once a fear among people about talking to robots. In customer service, people wanted to talk with people to enhance their experience. Things have changed and how! Chatbots have become smarter, simpler to use, quicker, and as effective as humans in customer issue resolution today. So people prefer them. 56% of people online prefer chatting with the companies through chatbots then calling customer care. Why is this one of the most popular social media marketing trends? Well, great customer service is always a deciding factor among online buyers and can be used as a USP in social media campaigns created with the help of a digital marketing agency.

7. Re-evaluate social media platform choice

Any social media platform can work in your favor if you know where your audience hangs out the most. No social media platform is dead. Pinterest which had seemingly disappeared for a period is driving consumer revenue for consumer brands like crazy. LinkedIn is seeing growth in B2B marketing, and Snapchat is also seeing an uptick in daily active users. So, it is important to understand where your audience is to create a social media campaign, whether through posts or a story, which is effective.

It is important to note that just reading up on social media marketing trends is not enough. You need to create a social media campaign that works. This will increase your brand awareness, keep your audience intrigued, drive sales, drive leads, and help you make more profit. But, you might consider hiring a digital marketing agency of repute like MMBO, a top digital marketing company in Delhi, so that your campaign is created to reach the maximum number of people and convert them. If you were to consult a social media marketing company in Delhi NCR or anywhere in the world with experience in launching successful social media campaigns, they would also tell you about the most important social media metrics to track in order to do just that.

The Footnote

Social media is an important part of marketing today. There is no way you can avoid it altogether and still run & expand a successful business. So, it is in your best interest to learn about the trends and hire a digital marketing agency like MMBO, an online marketing company in Delhi NCR, to use those trends to create some valuable social media tactics for your business.
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