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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Interior Color Palette

Author: Atreyee Choudhury
by Atreyee Choudhury
Posted: Jul 18, 2020

What Colors Should Not Be Used In The Interior Of An Apartment?

If you are not sure which colors should not be used for the interior, you will find the main information in this article. Being an interior design company in Bangalore, We have collected several examples for you when the use of certain colors can ruin the interior and adversely affect the mental and physical health of the persons living in there. Getting familiarized with them, you can improve the situation in the apartment and choose the colors more competently. Let's start with the most undesirable colors.

Bright Red, Orange, Pink, and Other Colors

Too bright colors may appear appealing to children, but it can irritate the eye of adults. Many people say that it becomes impossible to stay in rooms with such colors over time - the colors begin to "play on the nerves", which is why residents become more aggressive and vulnerable to stress.

What to do: Being an interior design company in Bangalore, we would suggest you try opting for softer options. For example, among pink, many shades will suit even a man - ashen, smoky. Ladies may like cloves, royal pink or white, and purple.

If you still like bright colors, try playing in contrast and diluting the room with them. Use colors metered, slightly change the basic colors, and you will get an impressive result. For example, orange will sparkle with bright colors and will not look gloomy if you direct bright light at it.

White and Whiter

The second common mistake in interior design is the use of mainly light colors, each of which goes into a higher degree of whiteness: beige, snowy, pure white, etc. This leads to several negative effects. The room begins to look boring and uninteresting. This often happens when using only one color.

What to do: Being an interior design company in Bangalore, we would suggest you try diluting the white with other shades, playing in contrast. It goes well with most other colors, so it’s easy for you to pick your favorite shade. You can use, for example, black and dark blue.

Another Common Mistake Is To Use Only Black and Its Different Shades

The effect will be similar - the room will be boring and may even cause depression due to a lot of darkness.


This color is often used in performances, concerts, and other events, but in an ordinary room, it may seem too dark. All because of the characteristics of fuchsia: it absorbs a large amount of color, distorts the feeling of space in the room. Overdo it - and you will cease to distinguish objects in the room well.

What to do: Being an interior design company in Bangalore, we would suggest you try to apply this color dosed, like other bright colors. You can play in contrast or apply a softer shade of fuchsia. This will make the interior of the room less irritable; it will have a positive effect on the psyche.

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