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How to Choose the Right Office Coffee Machine

Author: Liam Smith
by Liam Smith
Posted: Jul 19, 2020
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Most people start their days with drinking a nice cup of their favourite coffee white they are at home, but once you are at work you will need that second or even third while you are at work. That is why office coffee machines are so trendy. But there are so many choices when it comes to coffee machines that are used for office spaces. That is why most business owners have a hard task when it comes to picking out the perfect coffee machine for the office.

The Size of the Coffee Machine

The size of the coffee machine that you want to purchase will depend on three main things:

  • How many cups will it brew?

  • How much room you have for it?

  • What your budget is?

Most office coffee machines can produce approximately four cups of coffee at the same time. If you are a large company it is better to invest in a heavy-duty coffee machine, so people can have their coffees much faster and the machine won't get overheated and broken. On the other hand, if your company is smaller you will be able to purchase a simple coffee machine that is for about 5 to 10 cups per day. It is also better to pick machines that have milk frothers so you don't have to buy one separately. But keep in mind that not all of your employees will drink coffee while they are at work, or they prefer supporting a local business and buying their coffee instead of making their own. You can always do a quick survey that will show you how many people are interested in making their own coffee while they are at work. That way you won’t purchase a heavy-duty machine when realistically you only need a small one.

Types of Coffee

Espresso Drinks

Espresso drinks are ones that are made out of ground coffee or a capsule that is filled with ground coffee depending on what one you purchase.

  • Espresso- a small strong beverage. It is used as an instant pick me up because it is so strong.

  • Americano- a simple watered-down version of an espresso. It uses one shot of espresso topped with hot water.

  • Cappuccino

    • this is probably the most popular coffee drink. It uses one shot of espresso topped with steamed and then frothed milk.
  • Latte- this is the second most popular coffee drink. It uses a shot of espresso and is topped with double the amount of thick frothy milk. It usually has flavoured syrups added to it.

  • Mocha- it is basically a latte that has chocolate power or shut up in it.

  • Flat White- it is made by porting the milk from the bottom of the jug of steamed milk over a shot of espresso.

Drip Coffee

  • Pod Coffee - there are many varieties of these coffees. Pods coffee is the simplest option if you want to quickly make your coffee drink.

  • Ground Coffee - is best known for its strong natural coffee taste. It is made from ground beans and water.

Types of Office Coffee Machines

If you happen to have a coffee machine at home and you love it, it is important that you know that that one won't be a good fit for the office. You must choose wisely. So here are the best coffee machines you can choose for your office:

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • Bean to cup coffee is loved by coffee consumers all over the world because these kinds of machines provide you with freshest and most aromatic coffee out of all the options. That is because you grind the coffee beans as needed per serving which prevents it from losing flavour, aroma and oils. There is nothing that will taste better than a freshly ground cup of coffee. There are who types of how you can brew your bean to cup coffee. There is a well-known espresso machine but there is also a French press. No matter which one you end up picking you will end up with a Café grade drink.

Espresso Pod Machines

  • As we all know, every cup of coffee needs a shot or more of espresso. Just a single shot will keep you active and awake on a gloomy morning and it tastes amazing. The difference between a pod machine and a normal one is that a regular one has a short brewing time whereas the pod machines need to build up the pressure and run it through the pod. When you are picking out a pod coffee machine you will sometimes be limited on what type of coffee drinks you can make. Most of them don’t have a milk frother but they have pods where the milk is, which is used just like the espresso pod.

Coffee Pots

  • Coffee pots or better known as drip brew coffee machines are some of the most popular options amongst coffee makers. Although they are more likely to be used at home it can still be used in a smaller office. They are great if you have a small office because when you brew one pot you will have a large amount of coffee at once, so your employees can just pour themselves some and continue working. They are amazing because large ones can hold up to 10 cups of coffee. Usually they are made out of stainless steel, glass or durable plastic. It has great taste and your employees can drink it warm whenever they want because the machine will keep it warm for a long period of time. There are even some that come with built-in coffee grinders that will ground the coffee and you can just trout it in the filter when you need to brew it.

Single Cup Coffee Makers

  • Even though these coffee makers provide you with only one cup of coffee a time it comes with its own benefits. Every single cup of that coffee will be premium quality perfect for every employee. These types of coffee machines come in many shapes and sizes so they can fit in any place needed. Many of them use capsules. But there are some that will use fresh coffee grounds. This way you will provide every employee with a machine on which they can brew a pristine cup of coffee just as they like it. But it is important that you know that some single cup of coffee makers can make lattes and cappuccinos also. By providing your employees with one, you will shorten the time that they would need to go all the way to the coffee shop and help them save some money.

How Durable They Are

Another thing that you will need to look into is how durable the coffee machine is. That is because the machine will need to withstand constantly being used by a large number of people every day. Therefore, you need to choose the one that is well-built and can handle being constantly used by your employees.

How Easy Are They to Use

There is no point in buying a super luxurious coffee machine if it is too hard to operate. Especially when you will have almost all of your employees wanting a nice cup of coffee on their lunch break. You don't want to have a machine that will be super time-consuming or to have to constantly instruct your employees on how to make their cup of coffee. They didn't sign up to be baristas, they just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on their break.

Consider the Time Required To Make a Cup of Coffee

When picking out the coffee machine you will need to think about how much time that machine takes to brew one cup of coffee. You don't want your employees to spend their breaks just brewing one single cup of coffee instead of having lunch or just relaxing. Try to pick machines that are faster and that can produce more than one cup of coffee if you have a larger office.

The Maintenance

It is important that you are aware that picking the cheaper machine is not the best option in the long run. Make sure that you do proper calculations when you are picking it out because if you pick the cheaper lesser quality one you will probably have to have it repaired or keep buying new ones every year or so instead of having one good quality one. It is also best to choose self-cleaning coffee machines or ones that don’t require much maintenance.

Does It Meet the Needs of the Majority

A cup of straight-up espresso shots is probably not everybody's favorite coffee drink. Look for a coffee machine that will provide your employees with different options. There are even ones that can make hot chocolates and tea. Since there are so many good options from which you can choose, picking out the one that provides you with more options won't be a hard task.

Take All Factors into Consideration

Before you commit to one machine you will need to calculate not only the price of the machine, you will need to add how much coffee per cup will cost you. Make sure that you calculate how much more it will cost for you to provide the coffee beans, sugar, milk and creamer. Therefore in order to calculate the true cost of the coffee machine, you will need to add how much money it costs to make one cup.

There is nothing that will make your employees feel less stressed and appreciated than providing them with a nice office coffee machine. It will not only make them more productive and energised, you will encourage them to create new friendships and bond with each other over a cup of coffee. In most cases when you are buying a coffee machine for your office you will be buying monthly supplies depending on how much coffee is being used or you can form a contract with a company that will provide you with supplies and handle it through a service contract. No matter which you decide to go with it is important that you and your employees are pleased with the end product.

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