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Three Reason Why a Speaker Get Damaged?

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Jan 08, 2022
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High-quality speakers are expected to last long. It gets damaged due to improper use. Many people thought that just because it’s a loudspeaker, you can blast it to the highest volume. But, if you were to read the user manual, you’ll realize that there are certain limitations on its use. Whether it’s a cheap or expensive speaker, it still deserves proper care.

So if you want to maintain the same quality of sound that is produced by your speakers, you should know what damage it. In this article, all the possible damages that speakers can incur are listed. These are:

Overpowering WithHigh Frequency

Tweeters, midrange, and midbass speaker damage happen when there’s electrical and mechanical power mishandling on this parts. However, the most common is the electrical failure, wherein the too much was applied the voice coil of the speaker. When this is done continuously, it results in burning up the voice coil. To fix this, you have to reduce the amplifier gain, treble or bass controls. If you fear that there’s a distortion in your speaker, don’t panic. It signalizes you to adjust your amplifier or your signal processor. Inspecting your equalizer settings and fixing it can also improve the sound quality of your speakers without damaging it.

Another mentioned issue is the mechanical power mishandling. It happens when there’s an error in setting up the crossover point of the speakers. Even if you applied low frequency to the small suspension type speaker, it could delaminate the surround speaker. Rather than experiment in setting up your tweeter or midrange, it is best to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer in doing crossover frequency and slope.

Overpowering WithLow Frequency

Overpowering with low frequency can damage even the best Naim speakers. It happens when there’s an electrical and mechanical power mishandling in the subwoofers of the speaker. Electrical issues on subwoofers take place when too much power is applied resulting to the burned voice coil. If the gain settings are improperly wired, it will cause low electric resistance load on the amplifier.

Mechanical failure in subwoofers, on the other hand, happens when it got ripped or tore. It is due to the incorrect size of the enclosure. The recommended enclosure volume (Vb) for subwoofers is within +/-25% to ensure the excellent sound quality. Using too large an enclosure would only cause physical tear where the subwoofers might separate from the speakers’ frame. When you use a smaller enclosure, it could be your safest bet as it will not have any adverse effect on your speaker.

The Improper Vent Of The Enclosure

Another cause of damage that you should not overlook is the improper vent of the enclosure. If the speakers’ mechanical power is not tuned according to the parameters recommended by the manufacturer, it can compromise the enclosure’s "tuned" frequency. You have to match the port diameter (Pd) with the length (PI) and the internal volume (Vb) based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

These are the some of the causes of damage in the speakers regarding power and frequency.

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