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How Did Canon Start in The Printer Business?

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Jul 18, 2020

Canon printers pervade homes in North America, university dormitories in the United Kingdom, and the numerous offices in China. Known for its quality printing and cost-effective features, their printers control a significant share of the printing solutions market. But in the past, Canon printers did not exist in any form whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the company specialized in the manufacturing of cameras and camera lenses. Based in Tokyo, the Canon Company produced a lot of cameras, lenses, and even camcorders when it started. So how did this multinational company enter the printer business?

Canon Commencement of Printer Production

From the 1930's to the 1970's, Canon produced camera and camera-related products. Never did they show interest in producing printers. But in the year 1985, the Company made the first ever inkjet printer in the world. loans singapore With its first Canon printer, the Company pioneered and presented the Bubble Jet technology. Then in the succeeding year, Company manufactured the Canola BP1210-D, which can be considered a predecessor of the present Canon printers. In the same year, they produced the CLC-1, which can also be considered a printer, since it copies digitally in full color. It can be said that in the 1980's, the Canon Company laid the blueprint for what would become the ultra popular Canon printers of today.

Modern Canon Printers

In the year 1992, the Canon Company unveiled their first full color inkjet printer. They named it this printer the BJC-820. Then in 1993, Canon and IBM formed a partnership to craft a special invention-a notebook computer with its own built-in printer. Also in the same year, the Company created a printer aptly named Pixel Jet S, which was a colored inkjet machine. But in 1994, big things happened in the Canon Company. Their Bubble Jet system received an award for its technological advancement and brilliance from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. Then, it commenced the emergence of Canon Company as a global superpower in the printing solutions industry. In the same year, the Canon Company launched the CLC 800, the first-ever automatic duplex laser printing machine in the entire world.

1999 to the New Millennia: Strengthening of the Canon Brand

By the year 1999, they unleashed the BJC-8200 into the market. This technologically advanced full color inkjet printer featured the Microfine Droplet Technology-a new printing head approach that will only used in succeeding Canon printers. Then in 2003, the Canon Company continued its innovation in producing printers. They presented the Bubble Jet i70-a very compact inkjet printer that become popular all over the world as evident in its sales. Then also in the same year, the Canon Company produced the W8200 printer that made use of pigmented printer ink. Then another landmark Canon printer that the company manufactured offered novel machinery.

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Basically, the Company started as a camera manufacturer for several decades. Then nowadays, Canon printers control a huge share of the printing solutions market.

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