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Email Marketing FAQs for you to read!

Author: Rupa Chaks
by Rupa Chaks
Posted: Jul 25, 2020
email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies that exist. Several other strategies are there as well. Yet several individuals always have queries regarding email marketing especially the beginners. Thus, in this guide, I am going to answer some of the popular questions regarding email marketing that I am asked often. So, let's proceed with the same -

Ques. 1 People tend to unsubscribe my mailing list. How can I prevent them from doing so?

Ans - You must be aware that we receive tons of emails regularly. And we spam them or unsubscribe them as it is completely irrelevant to us. In case, people are unsubscribing to your mailing list then the reason is you are not providing them something valuable to them to stay. If you are providing irrelevant content to your audiences then they might ignore you once or twice but eventually, they will unsubscribe you. So, the first thing you need to understand is the needs of your audiences. Know the type of content your audiences prefer, don't bug them. Provide them value and they will stay.

Ques. 2 How can I understand the results I am getting with my email campaigns?

Ans - You can easily measure your results with three criteria -CTR - It is the number of people who clicked your emails. The links on your mail.Conversion Rate - It is if you got your desired results or not. That means the number of people who click your email, read it, and took the desired action.Bounce rate - Means your intended audience never received your emails.When making email campaigns these are the desired metrics you must definitely check and improve where needed.

Ques. 3 How can I design an email that is attractive?

Ans - Use a professional template, use catchy graphics, and gifs if needed. Make sure that you don't overdo anything. Create a steady balance between the contents and animations. And provide value and that's all.

Ques. 4 What is the email open rate? Is there a criterion to measure the same?

Ans - Email open rate signifies the number of people who opened and interacted with your email. And an individual will not open your email then they will know nothing for your content.10-15% of the email opening rate is good. It depends entirely on your business niche and audiences although.

Ques. 5 Can I purchase an email list?

Ans - Never! You must not do so no matter how tempting it might seem. It is actually a blunder and will never provide you with any result. The actual base of marketing is to provide your audiences with what they want. The email list you want to purchase has nothing to do with your business. Most of them are bots. In case your audiences are not showing any interest in your business. Then, what is the point behind sending emails to lifeless individuals who has nothing to do with your business? Join the best digital marketing course in Delhi and learn more about email marketing strategies that can help you boost your business sales.

Ques. 6 How am I supposed to grow my email list?

Ans - First of all always make sure that you are conveying the right message to the right audiences. Everything starts from here. Send your emails to the group of individuals who are interested in what you are providing. In case, you are doing the opposite of this, Then, you are actually damaging your business reputation.

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My name is Rupa Chaks. I am a content writer and social media strategist. I love writing :)

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