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Various Clinical Dermatology Treatments Beneficial for Skin Diseases

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Jul 26, 2020

The field of dermatology has changed quite a lot since the time it was first introduced to the world. At that time, it was focused on skin care and hygiene, with limited treatment procedures and sources. As the field expanded and started to implement various innovations, it grew and became a mainstream healthcare practice. And today, dermatology covers a large portion of the industry. Generally, dermatology can be divided into two subcategories, clinical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. Both have their own merits and importance.

Clinical dermatology treatments are the treatments that are aimed at treating various skin, nail, and hair related diseases without using any surgical or laser procedures, unlike the cosmetic dermatology, which highly depends on these procedures.

Some Commonly Practiced Clinical Dermatology Treatments
  • 1. Skin Allergy Treatments
Skin allergies are a common type of skin disease that develops when we come in contact with allergens or alloys. The difficulty is that we all are allergic to different allergens and alloys, which makes it troubling to avoid them. Some skin allergies that we can come across anytime are eczema, commonly found in infants and children in which the skin becomes dry and scaly. Hive, in which small red bumps and patches start to appear that can cause itchiness. Generally, skin allergy treatment Indore includes topical medication in the form of ointments and pills that needed to be taken regularly. These medications contain corticosteroid that reduces inflammation.
  • 2. Skin Infection Treatments
Our skin can get infected due to many reasons, but the most common one its continuous exposure to moisture and sweat. Skin infections are categorized as fungal infection, viral infection, parasitic infection, and bacterial infection. Each type of infection affects our skin in different ways and have different symptoms. However, there is a similarity between them, that is, all infections develop due to foreign bodies. Skin infection treatment Indore can be used for treating such infections. These treatments are consisting of oral medication and anti-biotics that attacks the infection causing entity and eliminates them.
  • 3. Leprosy Treatment
One of the most controversial skin diseases that has seen many ups and downs regarding its prevention and treatments. The primary reason why it is difficult to treat this disease is that it can take years to show its symptom, and by that time, the bacterium called Mycobacterium leprae spread throughout the body. Leprosy is a long-time illness and can't be cured completely, however, with proper clinical dermatology treatments, we can prevent it from spreading.
  • 4. STI Treatment
STI or sexually transmitted infections can also be treated with the help of clinical dermatology. Some commonly known STI's include HIV, herpes, and hepatitis B, which can be reduced or treated with specific medication. However, you need to consult with a dermatologist in Indore or someone near you for proper diagnostics and treatment plans.
  • 5. Leukoplakia Treatment
Leukoplakia is a mouth disease in which a yellowish or white layer develops inside the mouth. It can affect the palate roof, tongue, and cheeks. Usually, leukoplakia disappears with time, but if it remains for a long time and begins to spread then, it can cause oral cancer. For treating leukoplakia, dermatologists suggest anti-biotics, and in some cases, the layer is needed to be removed surgically.


Clinical dermatology treatments have given us a new way to think and provided us treatments that are effective and affordable. With these treatments, we can now treat many complex and chronic diseases and even reduce the effects of incurable diseases. With the help of clinical dermatology, we can improve our skin care and can avoid any permanent damage.

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Hello there, I am Mayra Singh and I am a content writer from India. I like to read and write about dermatology and different treatment, conditions and technology related with it.

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