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Best Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

Author: Jason Smith
by Jason Smith
Posted: Jul 28, 2020
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PPC advertising has proven its effectiveness and reliability to drive exposure for new products and services. That's why PPC ads are an essential part of the many businesses' marketing strategies.

However, managing PPC ads needs ample expertise and consistent optimization according to changing trends to deliver profitable results.

You can get better results if your PPC campaigns are working fine while aligning with your business goals. There is some scope, where you can make the improvement in your PPC ads to emphasize the performance of your PPC ad campaigns.

If you make the right optimization efforts, you'll be able to reach more customers and fetch significant conversions.

Here are some best tips to improve your PPC campaign performance and accomplish your business targets.

Be Clear with Your Goal

You can't improve your PPC campaigns if you don't have a clear goal. Different goals need unique optimization efforts for accomplishment. The first thing you need to do before even creating an ad copy is to decide an appropriate goal for the ad, and then you can optimize the ad copy to achieve the target at a faster pace. You can't go anywhere if you don't have a defined destination. So, assign a goal to your ad like more traffic, sales, or subscribers, and make refinements to achieve that particular goal. This way, you can meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

Focus on High-Performing Keywords and Keywords Quality Scores

You can drive impressive results if you focus on the keywords you are doing well. Every PPC ad platform offers a tool to create, control, and track ads like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Pixel, etc. So, utilize the tool according to the platform you are using for paid ads. And search for the keywords in terms of metrics that matter for your business like traffic, CTR, or conversions. Once you have your outperforming keywords, create some new ad campaigns for these keywords to have better ads performance and business outcomes.

The keyword quality score simply means the effectiveness of keywords to achieve your desired results. Sometimes it happens that you overload your ad campaigns with keywords, but in reality, few of them deliver the results. So, you need to filter the keywords to find the best keywords and optimize them to elevate the performance of the ads.

Initially, make sure that your keywords and ad copy are aiming for the same objective. If not, then make the improvements to increase the relevancy, and drive meaningful outcomes.

Next, examine the CTR of the keywords because high CTR keywords can boost your traffic and conversions consequently.

Lastly, along with keywords and ad alignment, optimize your landing page accordingly to fulfill the user's intent and encourage the final conversion.

Moreover, you can consider the dynamic text replacement to emphasize the relevancy of your ad's keywords and landing page content. So, consider the best keywords and improve their quality score to skyrocket your ad performance and business results.

Always Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to show additional information and enhance the CTR of the ads. There are numerous ad extensions that you can use, serving different functionalities. For example, site link extension can help you show some additional webpage's link with the ad, and call extension allows users to call you directly from the ad. So, you can drive some fruitful ad response with ad extensions. Here are some types of ad extensions.

  • Snippet

  • Callout

  • App

  • Call

  • Sitelink

  • Location

  • Price

  • Promotion

  • Message

Must Exclude Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can help you get the best out of your ad budget. You can deter your ads from showing up on the keywords that are irrelevant and non-converting. This way, you won't pay for the clicks that don't make any sense to your business. Excluding negative keywords improve the relevancy and targeting, and your ads only appear in the right search and deliver the fruitful results. So, don't pay for the undesired traffic and improve your ad performance by taking care of your negative keywords list.

Choose The Right Match Type

Now you have excluded some keywords with the negative keywords to deter the ad triggering on irrelevant searches. You can more specify the ad triggering with keywords match types to get the utmost efficiency of your ads. There are four types of match types.

Broad Match: If you select this match type, your ad will appear on the searches with the misspelling, synonyms, related searches, and the keyword variation.

Broad Match Modifier: Ad will trigger on any combination of the modified terms and close variation, but no synonyms.

Phrase Match: Ad will trigger on the searches with that particular phrase or a close variation of it. The ad will trigger on the query with that phrase, having any prefix or suffix.

Exact Match: Ad will show the exact term or close variation of that term. No prefix or suffix allowed.

So, appear in front of the most relevant audience with the right match type to get the maximum conversion rate and ROI.

Employ Remarketing Ads

You can double up your ad performance or conversion rates with the remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are also known as retargeting ads, used to approach your previous website visitors with the ad of product/service they browsed. This way, you offer them what they are looking for and encourage conversions.

As the ads are highly relevant to their interest, remarketing ads have impressive conversion rates. So, if you want to uplift your PPC campaigns, then you must consider the remarketing ads and enjoy the boosted conversion rates.

Be Mobile-Compatible

Most of the users around the globe browse the web from mobiles. So, you must also be ready to host the mobile audience effectively. Check your webpages mobile experience and optimize it to the best. Moreover, mobile users don't type long queries, so you must focus on short keywords to get the most mobile traffic. The mobile audience is huge, and you can have significant results if you consider the mobile-friendliness for your website and PPC campaigns.

Monitor. Optimize. Repeat

Continuous refinement leads to excellence. You need to keep an eye on your PPC campaigns consistently and optimize them accordingly. PPC is not a one time process; you need to keep updating your campaigns to optimize the effects of changing trends and fetch the potential business outcomes regularly. You can use the analytics tools to have detailed insights about the paid traffic, user behavior, and goal completion.

Analyze the results, and make the appropriate changes to improve the ad performance. You must always follow this cycle to have the outperforming PPC campaigns.

These are effective tips to improve your PPC campaign performance. PPC advertising is promising, and you drive a significant return from it. However, inappropriate optimization can cause loss, as well. So, it's wise to hire a reliable professional like this PPC management agency Toronto to get you the potential results of paid ads. Here are some affordable PPC management packages to ease your financial burden, while getting the significant leads from PPC ads.

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Jason works in a Ppc ads agency Toronto Canada- Marketing For You. He has advanced knowledge of digital marketing and social media marketing.

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Author: Jason Smith

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