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Things to Consider When Going For Car Paint Job

Author: Ben Thomas
by Ben Thomas
Posted: Jul 28, 2020

There are more than a handful of benefits attached to car painting. To get your car signed up for a paint job is something that car owners commit to with utmost deliberation and seriousness. To find the right kind of car paint services in Dubai is an enormous task because of the competition that exists in this domain. Nonetheless, every car owner wants to make sure that they choose the best service provider; a well-painted car delivers tremendous joy and satisfaction to the car owners after all. In the following post, we strive to educate and inform you about the things you must consider when selecting car painting services in Dubai.

Car painting is a time-consuming and laborious exercise. While most car painting service providers in Dubai may promise to finish a car painting job in 2-3 days, the reality is that even the simplest paint jobs demand a turnaround time of at least 7 days. The primary reason for the long duration is that car paint jobs do not entail the application of new paint on old paint. Rather because of car surface-related irregularities (oxidation, fading, etc) technicians need to remove the layers of existing paint, and then proceed to do other preliminary tasks before the new coat of paint gets applied. Post-which also, there are a series of measures that need to be completed before the car can be delivered to the client. For the extensive pre-work and post-work involved, car painting services are typically more expensive.

Car painting essentially works as an improviser than a concealed. While car painting has its share of pluses, still it is also important that car owners keep their expectations in check. Getting a fresh coat on a car will certainly improve its appearance considerably but it cannot conceal or repair serious damages such as deep scratches, dents, pits, gouges, holes, and rust spots. If one tries too hard, they may have to suffer from adverse outcomes; with a new coat of paint or repaint the car’s damages may become more glaringly visible. Choose and decide wisely.

Not many people may know this but car painting services in Dubai disassemble the car’s interiors when the car painting task is ongoing. Areas including the dashboard cover, console cover, and even the seat covers are removed before the onset of the painting process so that there are no damages or risks involved. There it is recommended that car owners inspect their car beforehand, and remove belongings from the car so that there is minimal chance of losing something valuable.

As mentioned earlier, car painting services in Dubai are a pricey picking. There are numerous factors involved and so the prices are very likely to vary – based on that type of car painting job you choose. The pointers that determine the final pricing include the scope for prep work required, number of parts of the car to be painted (with and without panels), and the quality of paint to be used. When you request any of the car paint protection in Dubai for a quote, make sure all the prep work measures are given in writing. The more elaborate the cost estimate is, the better the final decision will be.

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