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5 Tips for Choosing High-Quality Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: Jul 25, 2020
kitchen cabinets

Many factors help make a kitchen functional and organized, like a spacious kitchen counter where you can plan and prep your dishes, or a multi-burner stove that enables you to multitask. But none of these come close to being the most essential feature of a great kitchen which is your modern kitchen cabinets.

Next to the walls, kitchen cabinets are the one component that covers the maximum space in your kitchen. Hence, they must be aesthetic and super functional for you to always have a great ambiance and experience in your kitchen.

Factors to consider while choosing your kitchen cabinets

Before proceeding with the factors, you must decide whether you need custom cabinets or prefabricated cabinets. It will highly depend on your budget and the time available for your renovation and redesigning. So the first thing to choose is whether you are going to opt for some readily available options like shaker kitchen cabinets or a custom build kitchen cabinet.

When deciding which cabinets to choose for your kitchen, there are many things to consider, like the floor plan of your kitchen, your décor style, and available storage space. Your cabinets must be in harmony with the rest of your kitchen so that the result is an eye-catching and organized kitchen.

You also have to choose between things like the material the cabinets are made of, the final finishes of the cabinets, their colors, and other small details like handles, knobs, and hinges. While choosing these may sound like an easy task but, people still get lost down the rabbit hole when picking the perfect kitchen cabinets.

So whether you are considering buying ready to install options like shaker kitchen cabinets or going for custom ones, here are our top 5 tips that will help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

1. Hardware

The first thing to decide after you finalize your cabinets’ budget is what material your cabinets are going to be built out of. It doesn’t always have to be wood as nowadays we have a variety of options to choose from like concrete, glass, metal, and plastic. And even with wood, you get multiple options like plywood, particle dust, and MDF.

Depending on your cabinets’ placement and the storage capacity, you can select different types of material for different cabinets and drawers. Lightweight options of plastic frameless cabinets are good for your cutlery and glassware cabinets. In contrast, heavy-duty options like wood or concrete are better for cabinets carrying heavier pans and pots, and the small appliances in your kitchen.

2. Décor Style

Another highly important factor to consider while choosing the cabinets for your kitchen is your kitchen’s décor style. Whether you have a mid-century modern kitchen style or a contemporary style décor in your kitchen, the cabinets of your kitchen should match with the same theme.

In case your kitchen décor style is very traditional like the mid-century modern or industrial style, wooden modern kitchen cabinets would be a great option. And in case of a contemporary or minimalist kitchen style, cabinets made out of metal, plastic, or even recycled material will be a smart choice.

3. Storage Space

This is probably the most essential function of a good kitchen cabinet. Having enough storage space that is clutter-free and organized is the basic function of great cabinets. It's important to have enough space for all your cutlery and dinnerware, cookware, and cooking essentials so that your counter space is clean and mess-free.

It doesn’t matter if you choose shaker kitchen cabinets or simpler options like flat panel kitchen cabinets; just make sure that there is ample storage space. One factor that merits consideration in this regard is your kitchen size and the floor plans of your kitchen. Try and maximize the available space by adopting cabinets of different sizes to cover all the open space.

4. Doors, Drawers, and Handles

The door of your cabinets and drawers is another key factor that decides the overall look of your kitchen cabinets. There are multiple beautiful options to choose from like flat panel to raised panel cabinets, or a full overlay to partial overlay doors and many more. Instead of getting overwhelmed with so many options, make sure to make the decision based on your preference.

You can also try alternating with simple details like your handles and knobs, as they can change the look of your cabinets and become another way to add a touch of color to your kitchen. For example, adding plain D lever handles to matte frameless cabinets can make them look more clean and minimalist. Similarly, adding carved curved handles to your polished wooden cabinets can make them appear more traditional.

5. Finishing Options

The appearance and finished look of your kitchen cabinets matter a lot. Try not to get swayed away by the glossy finishes and textures for your cabinets. If you’re fond of a natural kitchen look, then solid wood finishing is for you. It can be painted, finished, or stained, depending on your precise requirement.

A distressing, crackle, or glazing decorative finishes for your modern kitchen cabinets should be selected if you want a decorative finish. Lighter cabinets should be your first preference if your primary aim is to get cabinets that are easy to clean. Such cabinets are best at hiding dirt when compared to the darker colored cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of a functional kitchen. They are not only essential for good storage but also make a bold statement. Sleek finished frameless cabinets give your kitchen a clean and minimalist look while wooden raised panel cabinets help make your kitchen look more classic and traditional.

If you follow all the points mentioned above, then you won’t encounter any trouble while buying new high-quality modern kitchen cabinets for your home. Now that you have the required information, go ahead and start shopping.

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