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Foods To Avoid And Why?

Author: Satjit Kumar
by Satjit Kumar
Posted: Jul 30, 2020

The concept of eating healthy though quite old is still relevant today. What is healthy? Sometimes, people say it is still not easy to understand. Even more important is the question – what is unhealthy? A search online will lead to a situation wherein you are sure to find numerous answers to these that confuse more than they clarify.

Knowing this situation fully well, I have written this article. To address these common queries, this article was created to help you remember certain simple things so that you can do healthy eating.

Shun fast foodWhite sugar, white flour, shortening, fats, preservatives – you just cannot avoid unhealthy elements when you consume ‘junk food’. Due to the profit motive, there is a possibility of commercial fast food to have all kinds of unhealthy ingredients in the making of food. If you cannot keep away from it altogether, try to reduce intake or choose home-made ones with healthier ingredients.

Avoid careless choices on food purchasesRead the label before you shop for food items. Make informed choices, Instead of white sugar, go for natural ones such as palm sugar or jaggery. Opt for brown or black rice, whole wheat, nuts and legumes, and such others for a fit and active lifestyle. Don’t worry that you don’t know all the facts about healthy eating. You must get into the habit of making informed choices. With each passing day, your knowledge will improve and this habit will ensure you eat healthier with each passing day.

Avoid consuming hot food and beverages from plastic containersWhether you are serving food at dinner or packing lunch for your kids, avoid putting hot things in plastic cups, bags, or bottles. If possible, keep away from the use of plastic, not only for yourself but for your planet too. Be aware of good habits –

Avoid binge eating, especially deserts.Cookies and cakes aren’t exactly healthy. But that doesn’t mean you can never indulge in desserts. Eat in moderation. Opt for a fresh fruit salad with Greek yogurt or a little piece of dark chocolate. Remember, a little indulgence often beats cravings.

Avoid unhealthy ways of cooking.Deep frying, charring, and broiling lead to the release of substances that are harmful to you. It is always better to pick methods of cooking such as stir fry, pan fry, boiling or stewing which preserves most nutrients.

Avoid carelessness with drinking waterConsume clean drinking water. While you may not think twice about it, drinking water is a major determinant of health. Ensure you only consume fresh clean water. Also, it is important to drink lots of water and supplement it with other beverages including fruit juices. There are 2 components to clean water – one is water that does not have harmful microbes. Second is water that does not contain pesticides and other chemical residues. It is important to take care of both aspects. You need to be able to separate the dos and don’ts when it comes to healthy eating. The key to an active body and alert mind is to eat right. With these suggestions above you simply cannot go wrong with your health. Also, keep in mind that extremes are always bad; the secret is to balance your eating habits so that you get all essential food groups included in your diet.

Satjit Kumar works for living smartly in India and writes informational articles on south indian breakfast for diabetics.

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