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Know the Meanings of Seven Popular Animal Tattoos

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Jul 29, 2020

Animals are known for teaching amazing life lessons. Have you stopped to observe the kindness and love dogs show to their owners? Or what an excellent team the ants make? Or the courage of a wolf when defending its pack?

Yes, animals are unique, and they deserve respect. If you are passionate about them or relate to the characteristics they possess in some way, consider inking them on your body without further hesitation.

Some of the most popular animal tattoo themes include:

1. Elephant

The top Thailand tattoo artists said animals are considered immensely powerful but also tied to aspects like peace and tranquillity. Despite the huge size, they are not aggressive. Elephants also help one understand the significance of family because they are fiercely protective about their offspring.

2. Giraffe

Giraffes are strange because they exhibit both elegance and clumsiness. Thanks to the intuitive nature, they can sense danger quite quickly. You may get the head of a giraffe peeking from any of your body parts or ink its miniature version on your ankle, thigh, arm, nape of the neck, etc.

3. Lion

Lions are believed to be sacred and associated with strength, leadership, courage, and virtue. No other animal has managed to inspire reverence and feat simultaneously the way they have. If you are noble but have an exceptionally powerful personality, lion tattoos are ideal for you.

4. Cat

Cats are quite enigmatic. One can never predict their behaviour or actions. In some cultures, if a cat appears in your life all of a sudden, you may go through a couple of changes. You can get cat tattoos also because you have the same animal as your pet, and wish to pay tribute to it.

5. Fox

Foxes are intelligent and astute. They roam around during the night, hence, believed to be intrinsically linked to luck and magic. Just like human beings, they utilise their wisdom, wit, and skills to survive in dangerous situations. Foxes do not mind being cunning if that would make their ends meet.

6. Turtle

Turtles symbolise patience, peace, innocence, and knowledge. Several tribes have adopted them as a spiritual symbol, who offer valuable advice and make life worthy enough. If you like fighting for your dreams and do not agree to give up until you reach the goal, you must get a turtle tattoo.

7. Deer

Owing to being powerful, graceful, and beautiful, deer have enchanted humans since time immemorial. According to the body art enthusiasts, getting this animal inked on the skin will bring good fortune. Deer also stand for purity, light, creation, revitalization, and unworldliness. You may draw the silhouette of a deer on your hip to generate a sensuous aura.

If planning on getting any of the animals stated above inked on your skin, please schedule an appointment with someone proficient, experienced, and reliable. The Thailand tattoo artists drive abundant traffic because they assure the best results for an affordable price.

Carry out a thorough background check before finalizing your decision.

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