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Property consultants in India should maintain some communication skills

Author: Rakesh Misra
by Rakesh Misra
Posted: Aug 01, 2020
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When a property expert or advisor is about to pitch for selling a property or describing a property, they should be conscious of their words and not skip any important information. Usually, buyers listen to all the promises made by the advisor while making any property deal. The real estate brokers need to add or refurbish their communication skills and also need to avoid some unwanted statements while pitching. Here are some tips to be followed by the property advisors in India to make a successful deal with the buyers otherwise they can lose a potential customer from their list.

No need for personal information about the client- one broker should not ask about the personal information which is not needful for the property dealing because it seems to be so unprofessional and even the clients can feel awkward. Some questions and statements should be avoided by the brokers like where the client lives and where his\her kids go for schooling, how much funds they can invest for the whole process, asking the client to convince the relatives and family members for making the down payments, forcing them to go beyond their budget, etc.

Making fake or unauthentic promises to the clients- one property consultant should avoid making unrealistic promises which they cannot maintain because it may hurt the sentiments of the buyer and even they also can lose hope and faith from the industry. The brokers must make the buyers understand all the risk factors and should provide detailed information about the property to make a transparent deal. Certain statements like ‘I guarantee’ should be ignored because in some cases the project delays make take place and the buyers can be offended for this problem that why a broker needs to assure the client with all undefined risks. While doing agreement, both the parties need to state the basic and truthful commitments which can be obeyed by both of them.

No need for domineering- it is also very important for the brokers to make the best use of their strength while talking with the clients. They should introduce themselves to the clients about their purpose of business and on what they exactly focus on. They should be gentle and talk with a sense rather than showing superiority as it may seem to be self-obsessed. Some comments and statements should be avoided by brokers like ‘they are the leaders of the industry’, ‘they do the best deals that no one can do, etc’. But they can use statements that ‘they will try their best by assuring the clients for giving the best service.

Aggressive behavior with the clients is strictly avoidable- one property consultant should try to convince the buyer to make the deal successfully by showing the best of their skills and specifications of the project rather than insulting them with aggressive words that can hurt the buyers’ sentiments. They should try their level best to satisfy the customers with the best behavior and professionalism. Brokers should avoid such statements like ‘the clients should increase the budget to buy the best property’, ‘no other firm can provide such discounts’, ‘the budget is not sufficient’ etc.

No need of passing awkward comments to the competitors- there are some buyers and clients who mention the competitors' names to another broker which is not necessary. At that point, the present advisor needs to keep their calm and avoid making some abusive or aggressive comments on their competitors. They should focus on their duly works which is needed to make the property deal successful. The consultant should avoid such statements like ‘everyone is aware of the competitors’ funds’, ‘their business may get shattered’, ‘they make fake promises’ etc.

Avoid making unwanted advice- the first time home buyers and sellers are usually unknown withy the facts of the industry so need to consult with experts. They trust each word of the experts by keeping faith in them as they are new to the industry. One consultant needs to explain all the pros and cons of the market rather than making unwanted advice.

Avoid prejudiced statements- it a common quality in human beings that they praise and talk good about a particular project which they like and avoid the disadvantages. But while buying a property or making a good pitch of the property, the consultant needs to explain the benefits and disadvantages of the project though it is the favorite of the client. It is mandatory to understand the requirement and budget of the client so that they can offer the best rather than making comments like ‘the banks are delaying’, ‘the developer is not faithful’ etc.

Avoid skipping the steps while making the pitch for the deal- While pitching for the sale of a property and making transactions, the broker needs to be very clear about each step and the quotations which will be mentioned in the statements. They should be more specific and go step by step rather skipping any step because they may miss any important information to convey which may create problems in the future.

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