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How to Dine in a French Restaurant?

Author: Sttropez Winebar
by Sttropez Winebar
Posted: Aug 01, 2020
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Have you ever considered dinning the French way? You must have gone to several French restaurant west village nyc however, most of them are truly Americanised which loses the essence of the fine dining experience, the French way.

French are very specific about dining etiquettes and follow then to the "t".If you are visiting a proper French restaurant you would not be surprised to see a proper French culture right from the servers to the décor and to the style. French cuisine soho is known to be one of the healthiest cuisines and are full of proteins and carbohydrates. French love baking and are proud of their breads. In fact, they have etiquettes on how to eat their bread as well.

If all this seems to be a bit heavy for you, then the below few tips will definitely help you dine the French way in french restaurant west village nyc

French dressing sense

French are very specific about their dressing. Itshighly unacceptable to visit a restaurant in yourpajamas, even for your breakfast. They dine in style and actually spend time in dressing up keeping in mind the occasion.


Ordering for drinks need special attention. If you happen to ask for water, the server would automatically assume that you are ordering for a packaged drinking water in a bottle, which would definitely be charged, however if you want plain water, you would have to ask for a decanter of water "carafe d'eau".On the other hand if you actually wish to order a bottle of water then be very specific which kind of water would you like whether it would be plain water, flavored water or sparkling water. Same goes true for drinks, specificallywine, if you simply ask for wine they would get you a bottle of wine, and if you ask for a decanter of wine which is indeed far better than a bottle of wine, they would get you Côte du Rhône which is one of the best wines in French cuisine.


Tips are not mandatory in french restaurant west village nyc, and are included in the total bill, however if you wish to leave a tip amount then leaving 5%-10% is a good start.

Meat Dishes

While ordering meat dishes you need to be extra careful as French like their meat cooked almost raw. If you wish to order your meat as well done or cooked to perfection, then make sure to tell the server well in advance.


French love their culture which is evident in French cuisine SoHo, and their dialect. They often love to address their dishes in French. If you are not sure of the ingredients present, you can ask the server to explain, however most of the menu cards have English translation. Also, it’s not surprising to hear the servers greet you in French, therefore it is wise to learn basic French to attain comfort level while dining. Not only they are polit and well-mannered but also expect mannerism from the guest. Hence remember to use your golden words such as thank you. Always greet the restaurant owner while entering and thank him again while leaving is you had a great dining experience. This might seem to be a lot, but basic mannerism is a must. Use of words like "Merci Madame/Monsieur". Can actually make some bodies day.

These are just a few etiquettes which can make your dining experience in French restaurant west village nyc a memorable one. This is not really an exhaustive list and consist of just a few nuances.

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