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Parts You Need to Build Your Own Custom Skateboard

Author: Modus Bearings
by Modus Bearings
Posted: Aug 28, 2014

You can get a skateboard in two ways, the first way is, you can buy a complete assembled skateboard and the second way is to buy different parts and assemble these to build your skateboard as per your requirement. There are many online stores that provide variety of skateboard parts and accessories. Here are the important parts of a skateboard.

Deck Size: Skateboard decks vary in size, but most are between 7.5" – 9.0" wide, and are constructed of rock maple. You can find tons of different size skateboards when browsing the internet. You can choose the dimensions of the skateboard depending upon these factors: width, length wheelbase, shape, nose and tail length as well ar concave of the deck.

Wheels: Skateboard wheel is measured by its diameter and durometer. Diameter tells about the size of the wheel, and durometer is the hardness of the wheel. Smaller wheels would be a good choice, if you are going to perform tricks using a skateboard. To get speed and balance on longboards, larger wheels are better.

Bearings: Bearings are used to mount the wheels to the axle. These are round metal pieces are used to fit within the wheels. Generally, all skateboard bearings have similar dimension. These bearings can be used inany skateboard wheel. An ABEC rating is used to rate the Skateboard bearings. The rating depends on the accuracy used while making the skateboard bearing.

Trucks: T-shaped metal pieces that are used underneath the skateboard to support is called trucks. These are used to keep skateboard wheels and bearings securely placed on the deck. Generally, mid-sized trucks are used by skateboarders, however high or low trucks are also used depending on skating style.

Grip Tape: Grip tape is a must if you like to stay on your skateboard. Skateboard grip tape is usually a grainy, sandpaper-like sheet which is pasted on the skateboard deck surface to get a grip.

Risers: If the skateboard has larger wheels, there is a higher chance of getting wheel bite. In order to reduce the wheel bite, risers are used. Risers are used to make the board higher from the wheels.

Hardware (nuts and bolts): Nuts and bolts are used to connect trucks to skateboard deck. There are different sizes of hardware available for skateboard, it depends on the type of skateboard that you have.

Custom skateboards let people tailor their skateboard to do exactly what they want. If you are planning to buy a skateboard don't forget to browse various websites on the internet to find the best deal.

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Modus Bearings is a company that does not only specialize in good skateboard bearings and hardware for the skate boards and the long boards but also provides relevant news related to skateboarding across the globe. The company has always been a pioneer in the skateboarding industry due to their extensive R&D & closely working with professional skateboarders.
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