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Daily frustrations faced by the project managers

Author: Richard Peirce
by Richard Peirce
Posted: Aug 07, 2020

Project management is a field where you would get unlimited success opportunities if you can be the best. But this is not easy all you have to do is to come up with quality project works. In other words, they are the keys which will help you to open the doors of your success. It does not matter whether you opt for a PMP Prep Course or not but make sure that your work contains quality.

In order to become more successful nowadays, project managers are working in different field areas and trying to gain experience. If you keep working in your own field, then there would be a limited amount of experience. It is not at all good because with the help of it you will only get limited success rate. Believe it or not, but it is never the right thing and can also land you into severe troubles.

But now, before going any further, you have to know the frustrations faced by the project managers. People get enticed to their luxurious life and think that everything is easy for them. It is true that everything would be easier but after reaching at a certain level. They daily face these types of frustrations, and for this thing, they cannot complete bigger project works.

These are the daily frustrations faced by every project managers which you did not know. Just go through them, and you will realize what they have to face daily.

  1. Unknown requirements of a particular project- There are many types of requirement which the project manager finds easy and thinks that they can be easily fulfilled. But a few unknown requirements are there from the clients which make them frustrated and force them to over think. This way, they always get frustrated and lands up failing a particular project. If this thing continues, then they will never become successful, and things can get too complicated. In this situation, all they can do is to consult their managers and understand these requirements carefully. By doing it, half of the problems would be easily solved, and there would not be anymore difficulties.
  2. Taking overload without asking anyone- Nowadays, some project managers take their work overload and think that they will prove something great. If you take sufficient work that is fine but make sure that to show off you would not take a huge load. The moment you take an unnecessary load, it would never give you any results. In other words, if you are really interested in doing it, then ask your managers as they will give you its right solution. You will not imagine that today in a PMP training session, also this matter is taken into a huge concern.
  3. Difficulty in understanding their market competitors- You will see that a few market competitors can be easily understood as they can have a lot of weaknesses. But today majority of the competitors can sell you and buy you at their required price. They are too tough to understand, and most of the project managers surrender in front of them. This is totally a bad habit, and due to this thing, people will never give you bigger projects and responsibilities. Rather than studying their weaknesses, you also have to know about their strengths. After doing it, you can understand everything and work according to their needs and requirements.
  4. Problems with proper resources- Many a time, the resources are not proper, and for this reason, there are even problems in some smaller projects. So when you have the required time, you should always make a list of resources and order them quickly. But if you take it casually, then no one can help you to achieve your desired goals quickly.

So, the life of a project manager is not easy as these frustrations come as big hurdles. Realize them properly by imagining yourself in these situations.

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Richard Pierce An expert in Pmi and Iiba Certifications.

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