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New Phone, Who Dis?? The Ligon Brothers Guide to Mega Profits in Real Estate

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Aug 04, 2020
real estate

It is not easy to run any business without any assistance, and it can be of any form like moral, financial, or mass aid. Every business requires a different type of support, and if the business holder doesn’t recognize the need, he will lose it for sure. It is essential to have basic knowledge about the business so that every action can be taken on time.

Especially when you are willing to join the real estate business, then you need assistance. Today, we are going to discuss the discussion between an interviewee and the Ligon Brother, who met for the first time. The direct conversation is writing so you can understand easily.

In this article, a person describes his meeting with the king of real estate, Ligon Brothers. In their recent interview, they disclose some secrets about the real estate business, so here is another part of the conversation between the interviewee and the brothers.


"You are the sum of the people you associate with. If you want to be successful in life you have to surround yourself with people with a successful mindset. If the people around you aren't going anywhere neither will you. You need to be around positive people that encourage you to do better, sometimes you have to go ghost, change your cell number and disappear for a while in order to focus on a better life for you and your family"? Michael Ligon

The very first meeting with Mike Ligon was accidental because he doesn’t know me personally. Michael and David Ligon are recognized as the Ligon Brothers and are specialized in their field and known as:

  1. Real Estate Moguls
  2. Coaches
  3. Mentors and Wealth Creation pros

I'd know about them from my investigation into Real Estate Investing. I've been keen on getting familiar with how individuals bring in cash flipping houses. The Ligon Brothers establish a firm that is considered one of South Florida as the Real Estate Investment company. I didn't know when they designed or made an Online Real Estate Investment Training Center with the name of LigonU.

I have finalized three questions that I need to ask them to clear the concepts of real estate investments.

One? How can I flip my first house with bad credit?

Two? How much money do I need to save before I should try to Invest?

Three? Do I need a Real Estate Agent to help me with the purchase & finding a house to flip?

I acquaint myself with David. First, Mike was in profound discussion with the online life master Grant Cardone. I asked David my first inquiry, and I was astounded by the appropriate response, it changed my whole viewpoint on beginning just as the requirement for my other two questions. This is what he let me know.

David Ligon said:

"You don't need any credit because you don't need any money to do your first deal. If you've never done an Investment deal, I would never recommend starting off with a full flip. If you start off by Wholesaling a few deals first, you can use the money you make on those deals to fund your first flip without the need for Bank financing or credit."

Michael is the one who clarifies the importance of Wholesaling as a section highlight Real Estate Investing and also describes the way to adopt it. I'd known about Wholesaling Real Estate previously. However, they were an extremely one of a kind technique that they created to discover properties without spending any cash on promoting scanning for propelled merchants. There was so much data that I honestly couldn't consume everything. That is the point at which I approached if they had an opening for an individual Mentorship, lamentably around, and doing anyone on one tutoring. That is the point at which they informed me concerning their web-based Training Center LigonU.

Explaining about LigonU:

LigonU is an Online Real Estate Training Center with grant-winning projects, courses, and driving force mentorships. They have adjusted video courses for each level Investor. The course they were educating me regarding was considered Flip the MLS. Because of our discussion, they confirmed that I had some information on Investing and a minimal expenditure that I could use to begin, so they suggested that course as a passage point.

At the point when I got back home, I bounced on the site and purchased their course with a Coupon code that they parted with me and gazed right. The courses are conveyed online in a Modulated Video Format, and I had the option to work at my own pace. I approached bargains inside the first week and did my first since forever bargain inside three weeks of beginning.

$6k from a Wholesale Flip

I've since very my activity, and now I discount houses full time averaging $10?15k and arrangement. I needed to set aside the effort to compose this experience provided that I hadn't begun going to Success courses and Real Estate Conferences I would have never met the Ligon Brothers. I wouldn't be the place I am today. No explanation impacts me more than what Michael Ligon said that day.

"If you want to be successful in life you have to surround yourself with people with a successful mindset" You are always just one right decision away from a completely different life? Make the changes you need to succeed.

~ Anthony D (aka Tony Real Estate)

Long story short, they both clear everything about the real estate investment and its related framework that they design for the wellbeing of the new dealers and investors. They are lenient in their behavior and very clear about their business plans. If you need assistance, you can join their team by enrolling yourself in any of their business programs or courses. You can select the courses according to the need of your business.

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