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Fantastic Four: Actors Who Could Play Reed Richards in The MCU

Author: Alice John
by Alice John
Posted: Aug 09, 2020
reed richards

Fantastic Four is a very popular and a super-hit blockbuster movie released in 2005. It is based on Marvel comics. The director of this movie is Tim Story. The name, Fantastic Four of the movie, is based on the four friends, who are the key characters involved in the storyline of the film. Ioan Gruffudd is playing the role of Dr. Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic. The famous actress Jessica Alba is playing the role of Susan Storm or invisible woman in the movie, along with Chris Evans, who is playing the role of Johnny Storm or Human Torch. Michael Chiklis is playing the role of Ben Grimm.

According to Reed’s research, the evolution of Earth took place because of the clouds full of cosmic energy in the Space. With the permission of Dr. Victor Doom, Reed goes to space in a private space station along with Susan, Johnny, and Ben to test the exposure to the cloud on humans. Reed miscalculated the time of the cloud, and it came early. With the result, they all had to rescue from that place but the exposure was so disastrous that it affected all of them.

Ben was more affected as compared to others. They returned home with a failed experiment, but soon after returning home, all of them were experiencing some strange power. Reed can stretch his body parts like rubber. Ben becomes a large rock-type creature. Susan can become invisible if she is angry and can also create force shields. Johnny can become a human torch and a man of fire.

Now, the Fantastic Four can be included with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at any time. One character out of Fantastic Four who gained a lot of fame is Reed Richards. He is the most popular character and has a very unique and useful power of stretching himself. The chances of Reed to enter the MCU are more than any other character from the Fantastic Four.

Here we will discuss some actors who could play the role of Reed Richards in the MCU.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne can play the role of Reed Richards perfectly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has played many fantastic characters in the movie like Fantastic Beasts, The Theory Of Everything, etc. All the roles played by Eddie, if combined with the role of Reed Richards, Eddie will get fit into the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is a very popular Hollywood actor with a kind heart and fun personality. He has played the roles of a villain in most of the movies. However, he has also played a decisive role in the famous film, Star Wars. Oscar can touch the fan’s heart by his emotional and energetic performances. He is an extremely talented actor and can be easily fit in the role of Reed Richards.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto is another talented Hollywood actor. He has played the role of Spock in the famous movie Star Trek. He has also played the award-winning roles in Snowden, American Horror Story, and many more such types of blockbuster movies. The types of flexible roles he has played till now qualifies Zachary to play the role of Reed Richards.

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh is a famous actor for his blockbuster movie Superman. He also had a chance to play the role of The Atom. He is also another kind-hearted person, and many fans wanted him to play the role of Superman in all the Superman movies. Brandon has a similar look as that of Reed Richards and is a perfect match to play the role of Reed in the upcoming MCU movies.

David Tennant

David Tennant is one of the talented actors who have already worked with Marvel Entertainment. He looks similar to Reed Richards and can be an excellent replacement for Reed if MCU gives him this chance. He has played a small role and is famous for the show, like Broadchurch.

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is a famous actor for playing comedy roles. However, he has also played some serious roles. A very famous movie by Jason in which he had played the role of a serious man is Colossal. Jason can be considered for playing the role of Reed Richards because Marvel has already given chances to many comedian actors who have played the role of a superhero in the film, The Avengers. Some of its examples are Tony Stark and the Ant-Man.

Adam Driver

Adam Driver is a very talented actor in Hollywood. He has worked in many popular movies like Marriage Story, Silence, and many more such kinds of blockbuster movies. He has won the hearts of his fans by his mind-blowing personality and wonderful performances. He has played the roles of a villain in most of the movies but can adapt to the role of Reed Richards.

John Krasinski

Another talented actor, John Krasinski, is very popular for his movie Jack Ryan. He will look great in the role of Reed Richards because of his personality and his beard style. If Marvel gives a chance to John, he will be a perfect match for Reed’s character.

The above discussed talented actors can play the role of Reed Richards for MCU. It is a decision, which depends on the cast selection team of MCU to select one of the best actors from the above list. Fans will also love to see a new character in the team of MCU, and Reed Richard’s role will be a great involvement in the group of Marvel.

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