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Understanding the Benefits (and Risks) of Deionized Water

Author: Tobias H. Gillot
by Tobias H. Gillot
Posted: Aug 24, 2020
deionized water

The bright idea for deionized water first took root in scientists expressing a collective desire for having as pure of water as possible. Which makes sense: You don't want to conduct those experiments and run medical trials without high purity water. Deionized water has undergone reverse osmosis, and had all of its mineral ions like sodium, iron, chloride, and sulfate eliminated.

The Blank Beauty of Deionized Water

Deionized water is a clean slate. The water has been wiped of all of its impurities through a process in which the water was exposed to electrically charged resins. This in turn serves to remove the salts from the water. Thanks to this process, the resulting water is pure and takes on the chemical components of whatever it is added to. This plays a huge role in allowing chemists to safely make saline and other solutions that are safe for medical injection. If the water weren't sufficiently deionized, it could end up containing harmful impurities like copper or lead. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies also heavily rely on properly deionized water. Without deionized water, the water could contain bacteria that could end up inside of a patient's body. The risk of harm from that would be high and deadly.

The Potential Risks of Deionized Water

While deionization can produce high purity water capable of being consumed in places that'd otherwise be troubled by unsafe drinking water, the deionization process isn't perfect. Nothing is, after all! The potential risk with deionization is that it can't completely eliminate the uncharged organic molecules along with all of the bacteria and viruses. That being said, the total elimination of these unwanted elements can be achieved through incidental trapping in the resin. Specifically one would use a strong base anion resin, which attracts all those negatively charged ions. Even with that at play, there's always the risk that the first round of deionizing water won't eliminate everything. Just another reason to regularly keep up with deionizing water at a cheap cost through electro deionization with a superior deionization system.

Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions is the move for any individual or company that is serious about deionizing their water and achieving the purest quality H2O. Their available deionization filtration systems offer cation, anion, and mixed bed resin options. On top of that, they are semi-conductor grade, come in fiberglass or stainless steel, have flow rates from 1 to 600 GPM, and are PLC or Conductivity controlled. Additionally, Complete Water Solutions is exceptional when it comes to the reverse osmosis process, which is the standard for eradicating suspended and dissolved solids in the water.

Complete Water Solutions have accumulated over 400 hours of Reverse Osmosis Certified Training, before they would go about servicing that deionization system. Complete Water Solutions also offers deionization systems with an ultraviolet treatment system. This system is able to remove up to 99.9% of the germs and bacteria in the water. On top of that, the literal DNA in the water is transformed so that it can't continue to reproduce. This ensures that the water is safe for future consumption. This state of the art feature makes Complete Water System's deionization system the logical pick for any medical facilities serious about ensuring they have the purest water available.

No medical facility wants to find themselves dealing with study findings that have been implicated by medication that was jeopardized by partially impure water. Or even worse, find themselves with patients that have had their well being threatened by water that wasn't completely free of pathogens and other bacteria. Pure water is not the thing to leave up to fate. It makes all the sense in the world to invest in that deionization system that has continually proven itself to offer reliable service.

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