Las Vegas T Shirt Printing Secrets and Techniques Unveiled!

Author: Lindy Luca
by Lindy Luca
Posted: Aug 29, 2014

In Las Vegas T Shirt Printing is the most profitable venture. Being the most profitable venture, a lot many businessmen have entered into this business. Hence, being a consumer, you can easily find a huge range of companies that does the job of T Shirt Screen Printing in Las Vegas.

There are two types of printing methods that are used in Las Vegas for T Shirt Printing. They are screen printing and digital printing. Among the two digital printing is used the most for making customized T-shirts.

Digital Printing

In the current era, the most superior and advanced process to print the T-shirts is the digital printing. Through digital printing, texts, images, graphics, clip-arts and pictures can be printed onto the T-shirts. The procedure involved in digital printing involves the transferring of the design onto a T-shirt by pressing the design that is made on the transfer paper. A special machine named as Pressing machine is used for pressing the design. Two T-shirts, despite of being of the same color, may differ in fabric. Hence, printing is done in a different manner on different fabrics. Customized T-shirts offered by every manufacturer are never of the same quality. The major difference lies behind the print quality that a company uses. Big and reputed companies always make use of the paper of commercial grade rather than any ordinary paper for printing the image. Printing of better quality lasts for a very long time, despite of frequent washes.

Screen Printing

This method is the most favorite method to print designs onto any T-shirt. The T-shirts having designs made through screen printing can be worn for a longer period of time before the design starts to fade or crack. Printing is done via a screen on which the design is made. The screen is placed on top of the T-shirt and the ink layers are poured to form the image. Then the ink is dried and an image gets printed onto the T-shirt. Only one color can be printed at a time. If you want different colors on a particular image, then you will have to repeat the procedure for every new color. Screen printing is a popular choice among sports team and schools. This method proves to be the cheapest method of printing T-shirts when bulk orders are there, but it is expensive when only a limited number of T-shirts has to be printed.

Both the types of printing methods are widely used all over the Las Vegas for making customized T-shirts.

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