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Cubic Zirconia Necklace – More Than a Necklace

Author: Sandeep Malik
by Sandeep Malik
Posted: Aug 29, 2014

Necklace is a piece of jewelry which is made to wear around the neck. They are often a chain of jewelry made of either metals or non-metals worn for personal prettification. Necklace includes various colorful stones, carved woods, glasses, feathers, sea-shells and beads etc. Moreover, addition of cubic zirconia is the trend nowadays.

Cubic zirconia is similar to diamond. It is actually a crystal of zirconium dioxide. It is hard, shiny and reflective, also found in different colors. Mostly, it is colorless mostly and is often termed as cubic zirconium. It has its natural occurrence in the mineral bad deleyite which is yellowish mono clinic.

Comparing with diamond, this gemstone is nearly hard as diamond. Diamond is rarely colorless whereas cubic zirconia is entirely found colorless. This is why dispersion is more than that in diamond. Moreover, cubic zirconia is affordable than diamond. It is more durable and looks similar to diamond. This stone has always been a great competition to diamond economically considering the features it possesses. Therefore, this gemstone is widely used in necklaces in present days.

Cubic zirconia necklace has been a trendy ornament nowadays. Women love to wear this necklace. We are getting the cubic zirconia necklace, which is as beautiful as diamond necklace, in an affordable price. This has attracted many women towards the necklace and is being trendier than any other necklace.

According to different designs of the jewelers, the cubic zirconia necklace features the following different types:

  • Cross necklace for women

This type of necklace incorporates cubic zirconia as a sign of Christian cross. This necklace is sign of love and protection. Thus, the necklaces are often given to the one whom we love and care so much.

  • Pendant necklace for women

Sometimes a pendant necklace woman is included with pendants hanging in the necklace. Cubic zirconia is very much beautiful and attractive. Thus, it is used as locket in the necklace which adds an adornment in the necklace and attracts the fashion lover so much.

  • Riviera necklace

This type of style of necklace features a single element of gemstones of equal size and shape. Cubic zirconia is the best gemstone that can be featured in this kind of necklace. This makes the necklace more expensive and beautiful at the same time.

Cubic zirconia makes the necklace more beautiful than it really is. The beautiful pendant of cubic zirconia can add extra attraction in the necklace. Moreover, this necklace is the best gift for your wife or mom. Especially, for your beloved wife the necklace can always be a pleasant treat either it’s the wedding anniversary or her birthday. She would be delighted to get such a wonderful present.

Moreover, the cubic zirconia is featured in a gold or platinum necklace. Due to affordable cost, durability and beauty of the gemstone it is more preferred than gold and justify other materials used in the necklace. Increasing modification in the world of fashion has led to the manufacture of the cubic zirconia necklace; which has left all the other necklaces in the other side and ruling the world of necklace.

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