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How to Prevent Gophers and Bats from Entering House? Latest Natural and Easy Ways You Must Try

Author: Blakes Wildlife
by Blakes Wildlife
Posted: Aug 15, 2020
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A home is a space where you not only rest but also feel safe. However, this peace can be taken away if there is another creature living with you in the house, like a gopher, or maybe a bat. Gophers can do a fair amount of damage especially in the yard, therefore, gopher removal in Florida is necessary. On the other side, the bat appears creepy and can constantly bug you flying around in the house. For bat removal, Marion can be quite helpful.

Do not freak out. You cannot completely get rid of them unless you try out the prevention methods. Here are a few ways to prevent gophers and bats.


Gophers are not good jumpers; they are known for digging underground to get food. If the wire mesh or fence is extended underground at least one meter, it can be beneficial to keep out the gophers. The bottom part of the fence can also be curved so it is parallel to the ground surface. When gophers will hit with it, they are much likely to go back.

Mulch around plants to avoid gophers from eating the plant from the top or pulling it underground. Mulch can be beneficial for gopher removal Florida and also, they do not like the smell or taste of it. Gravels can also be used by pouring them around plants or can be mixed with dirt.

Fitting the netted material baskets in-ground can protect the small plants from being attacked by the gophers.

Plant Beds

Raised plant beds provide the required protection from gophers and grow safely. These planters can easily be bought from any lawn care store or can be made at home using plywood.

Natural Predators

As compared to cats or dogs, gophers are quite small. Your pets might want to play and chase them. Gophers are also disgusted by the smell of fur and urine of cats and dogs due to which they will stay out of your yard where there are other pets.

BatsMonitor House Continuously

Even the well-built homes are sometimes ruined because of weather conditions or wildlife presence. It is easy for bats to enter the house from a small hole, therefore it is essential to keep monitoring the damages on windows or any other exterior of the house. Even if the house does not provide an ideal environment, bats find protection in a house along with food and warmth needed to survive.

Take Care of Ignored Spaces

Bats prefer places where there is usually no disturbance, place that is high, and out of the reach of any predator. For bat removal with Marion, regularly clean the places in the house which are less used. It is less likely to find bats in areas that are crowded or where there is a loud noise or continuous movement.

Also, take extra care of places where there is a possibility of an outsider entering into the house. Do not leave doors open when not required. Windows should also be closed properly especially at night or have a protective screen over them so bats or any other wildlife pests do not enter the house. Furthermore, vents and openings like chimney openings and dryer vents should also be covered if possible.

Provide Alternate Nesting Space

No one would like bats to attack their house or living space and for bat removal without Marion, it is better if alternate space is offered to bats outside the house. It will also save from any kind of bat removal process.

Bat houses are available online and in many physical stores. The house for bat can easily be built at home using minimal material. The house for bats can be built using wood which provides complete darkness and a whole for bats to let urine and guano pass through. Hung it over the tall tree where bats are expected to fly at night.

However, if these things do not prove to be effective, professional services can be availed for gopher removal Florida or for bat removal using Marion. Many residential wildlife removal service providers are available in Florida to make your home a safe space again.


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Gophers and squirrels are both wild animals and are famously associated with trouble and unnecessary mess especially if they take refuge in your gardens

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