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Facial Contouring Surgery Helps You Get Beautiful Cheekbones, Jaw And Chin On The Same Day

Author: Grain Tuff
by Grain Tuff
Posted: Aug 30, 2014

Are you not happy with your face? Facial Contouring surgery is bringing miraculous effects on people willing to have a younger, more beautiful looking face. This kind of surgery helps you get a slim and appealing cheekbone, chin, and jawbone.

3D Cheekbone Surgery (Zygomaplasty)

This kind of facial contouring surgery is done on two types of women – those who have a small face and those having a chic face. If you have a small face with a bulging cheekbone, it can be reduced in minutes to give you an ideal cheekbone. With innovative technologies such as 3D now revamping your looks have become all the more easer and quicker. 3D Cheekbone Surgery is done by experienced surgeons only who have a clear understanding of the ratio of a patient’s face and which type of process will help her get a beautiful face with a slender facial line.

Women who wish to revamp their look and appearance visits a 3D cheekbone surgeon for consultation purpose. The surgeon outlines the 3D structures of her facial muscles, bones, nerve and vascular tissues existing around the cheekbone and then moves forward to do the surgery.

It is now easier to get a baby face by opting for 3D Cheekbone Surgery or Zygomaplasty. Such a process helps to reduce the rugged cheekbones without leaving sagging lines or marks. Also, women having a flat cheek bone can improve their look by visiting a surgeon specialized in 3D surgery. Through this time-saving surgical method, flat or sunken cheekbones can be increased in volume enhancing the look.

The LINE’s 3D Cheekbone Surgery has become very popular for reducing cheekbones without affecting the underlying tissues and nerves!

Using the LINE’s facial contouring 3D Maloplasty, doctors make a face line appear slim and attractive from every angle including a 45 degree angle in both front and lateral sides. The Line’s only maloplasty is safe to apply since latest endoscopic equipment is used to properly understand the surgical area’s vascular, soft tissue and bone tissue.

3D Square-Jaw (Mandibular) Angle Reduction

The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic surgeons also performs 3D Square-Jaw Surgery to make a small and slim face line at from every angle including a 45° angle from the lateral, front and back ways. During 3D Square-Jaw Surgery, 3D-CT scientific analysis is done to clearly understand the positioning of muscle, bone, nerve and vascular tissues to avoid damaging the same.

For reduction of cheeks the advanced facial contouring endoscope equipment is used. It helps the surgeon understand the vascular, soft tissue and bone tissues in real-time at the area which will be operated. The long curved madibular ostectomy is performed to get soft and even face line without having any crack or secondary angle on the operative area.

The Line Chin Surgery

Through this surgery, chin that is round, long or small is surgically transformed into a slender V-line after carefully analyzing a patient’s personal face ratio. If you have a protruding chin that makes your mouth appear protruding as well then such problem can be easily corrected without going for teeth straightening.

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The writer is an expert in the field of surgical industry with focus on Facial Contouring. For more information visit The Line.

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