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Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review

Author: Michael Leon
by Michael Leon
Posted: Aug 29, 2020

Learn and Master Guitar has been my go to course, especially for beginners since the first version came out several years ago.

Picking the right DAW for beginners can be a headache. You won't make that mistakes with

It covers more topics and styles then any other guitar lesson dvd and provides more than a years worth of guitar lesson content for the average student.

Course instructor Steve Krenz has the perfect demeanour for a self study program.

While he doesn’t rush through topics he takes care not to over explain either.

If you know you’re ready to make the commitment of 20-30 minutes a day to learning and practicing this program is perfect.

What we Like about the Course The Gibson course covers every essential element of learning guitar up to an intermediate level including some basic musical theory.

The lesson plan is dead easy to follow so long as you don’t skip any of the DVDs. I love this because most online guitar lesson sites give students access to too much info.

This might seem good on the surface but it ends up slowing down your progress because you don’t know what to focus on first Lesson Book.

The lesson book and jam along discs that come with the course are extremely useful and play a big role in your learning.

The lesson book is the go to place for practicing.

After each video lesson Steve, the instructor, does a workshop session.

In this workshop he provides practice exercises for you to do and gives you an idea of how long you should take before you go onto the topic.

When you’re practicing rather then referring back to the DVD videos every time you simply grab the lesson book and flip the corresponding section for the DVD you just watched.

All the exercises Steve presented in the workshop section of the DVD will be there for you to review.

Jam Along Discs The Jam along discs are mentioned in each section of the lesson book. Simply put the jam along discs are professionally recorded song tracks that you can play on your home stereo, computer or MP3 player and play along with.

This makes practicing feel like you’re playing with a full band.

A lot less boring then plain old repetition which is how practicing has been done for years.

Amazing Video Quality The current version of Learn and Master Guitar was released in October of 2010.

Before this version the videos were looking pretty "old school" to say the least.

The new Gibson version has been fully re-recorded in high definition.

You can see on each video just how much time was taken to create on-screen graphics that match with those found in the lesson book and also integrate multiple angle video shots so you can see demonstrations up close.

The video quality of these lessons is as good or better then every other guitar course I’ve seen and used.

What we Don’t Like about the Course It is on the pricer side, but it’s worth every penny if you’re serious about learning guitar.

I personally don’t compare the cost of the course to other DVDs.

Rather I compare it to what private lessons would cost instead.

Price Comparison A single private lesson generally costs about $20.

Over the course of a year that’s $1,040. The $149 for Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar doesn’t seem so steep when you compare it to $1,040 The other downfall to some may be the vast size of the program.

With 20 discs of lesson content it can take a year or more to complete the Learn and Master Guitar course.

Some students might be over whelmed by this, but keep in mind you can stop and come back at any time as you progress through the lessons.

Conclusion Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is as close to a replacement for private instruction as your going to find.

The luxury of being able to watch the lessons in your home DVD player or on your computer makes the program very versatile.

There’s a great support website that every new course owner is given access to.

Steve, the instructor, accesses this site every day and answers students questions.

You can also get to know other course owners and share your experiences as you progress. Cost and Guarantee Learn and Master Guitar sells for between $149 and $199.

They offer frequent sales, and I’ve never seen it sell for the MSRP price of $249. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

I’ve tested out their return policy and it worked flawlessly.

There’s a form you print out on their website, fill it out, send the course back and they refund your purchase price to your credit card. It took about seven or eight days before I saw the refund show up.

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