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Is your website as smart as your business?

Author: Eco York
by Eco York
Posted: Aug 30, 2020

The advent of Artificial Intelligence is commonly understood as a rather recent phenomenon. Contrary to the notion, AI has been around for the better part of the past century. However, the meteoric rise of developments in the sector, make it worth our while to understand the current accolades of AI and its future. The terms artificial intelligence imply artificially simulated intelligence. AI refers to intelligence exhibited by machines that are programmed to mimic human action, reasoning, problem-solving, rational thought, and other characteristics of human intelligence. Our society is experiencing a paradigm shift as AI continually grows, capturing a higher market share. Humanity has undertaken an exciting journey into the unknown, awaiting unique challenges, that shall bait us into rethinking not only our business models, but our social models as well.

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow up to almost $60 billion, by 2025.

(Source: Accenture)

Just like every industry across trades, AI has found itself applicable in the world of Web Designing. With the world swiftly transitioning towards digital, it has become more imperative than ever, for businesses to create a strong digital footprint, giving them authenticity and helping them drive their business efficiently. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) challenges the traditional methods of web designing, eliminating the need for excessive cost, time, and labor. The advent of AI Web Designing is a rather recent phenomenon. One of the first consequential events in this sector was the launch of Grid. Far from perfect, Grid served as a gateway to innovation in the sector. Soon followed by the leaders of the industry like Adobe, Firedrop, Wix, Squarespace, Bookmark, B12, Tailor Brands.

Enhancing User Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Contrary to ancient wisdom, web designing has shifted focus from aesthetics to user experience. This shift has paved the path for concepts like AI-powered bots, conversational user interfaces, etc. AI essentially learns from computing and analyzing large sets of data, deriving solutions for otherwise complex tasks. In regards to website design, AI has the ability to scan the web and source content from existing websites, social media profiles, mentions. It can also learn what makes similar websites successful. And based on your goals for your website, it can create a basic draft in just a few minutes. Most websites and applications today are dependent on AI algorithms, partially if not completely, to increase performance. One of the widest spread AI functionality used by most websites and apps is chatbots. The integration of AI-based chatbots on websites has seen multifold growth in the past 5 years. The growth in the popularity of chatbots has paved the way for sophistication with the new chatbots applying natural language processor (NLP) systems to indulge in more meaningful conversations with the users.

According to Gartner’s report, 85% of customer interactions by 2020 will be handled by AI chatbots, and a total of 2.3 billion hours of business and consumers will be saved through chatbots, by 2023.

AI tools help in providing customized content to the user, by analyzing their consumption patterns. These tools help the businesses to better cater to visitors with personalized ads, blogs, offers, etc to drive up the conversion rate. UX is quickly moving towards a more mobile-friendly environment, making the application of voice search optimization through AI more appealing.

User Interface and Artificial Design Intelligence

Are we there yet?

AI helps in analyzing the visitor’s usage patterns, thus providing them with a UI subtly tweaked for them. These seemingly minor changes enhance user satisfaction on a macro level. As of today, human creativity and design triumphs over ADI, but with rapid growth in strides, this can change soon.

AI today is capable of enhancing the website and its search capabilities, meanwhile also helping you manage and organize your inventory, and improving your customer outreach with personalized user experience. These are especially desirable qualities for businesses with e-commerce. Optimizing everyday conversations and queries with AI-powered algorithms and reaching out to your target customer base can be an element that makes your business successful. Since most website owners require new designs to supplement their product launches or upcoming events, an AI working in the background works as a perfect solution to stay updated and remain competitive in the market.

Giants like LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix are heavily dependent on AI for their digital operations. LinkedIn uses an advanced AI algorithm to complement its seamless navigation. Their recent algorithm has made job seeking and profile optimization easier and more accurate.

80% of Netflix streaming is a result of algorithm-based recommendations.

Recent political instances have made us more conscious about our digital privacy, and often, AI constantly analyzing our digital behavior can seem like a violation. Despite the growth of our digital consumption, we still crave human interaction. And however sophisticated the AI response management systems maybe, it’ll be a while until they completely replace the humans, by humanizing themselves.

The only way through singularization is to learn and adapt. AI is advancing at an unprecedented rate and shall continue to do so. We have to redesign our businesses and social structures to coexist and benefit from Artificial Intelligence. AI shall eventually replace the long labor chain involved in website development and maintenance, but as of now, we are not there yet.

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